Saving Some Of Your Time For Work

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The reason many business people fail to deliver on deadlines is - poor management of time. There's a saying that you cannot eat your cake and still have it. Relating that statement to businessmen - as a businessman, you don't expect to spend your time doing things that are unproductive and expect to have more time for productive works.

We choose how we use our time. It's without any argument, that all humans on planet Earth have the same 24hrs a day. Hence, we're forced to wonder, how come some people make use of their time productively, while others are wreck less with their time. And if you don't take your time more seriously, accomplishing much in life may become really hard.

In order to understand this issue, first thing is to figure out - what exactly are those things that steal your time as a businessman? You have to actually make a list of these negative activities that are not added good numbers to your net worth, but rather taking away from you. Because whatever steals your time, steals greatly from you.


The funniest reality is that what steals the time of many business people who should have otherwise been focused on their business is - sports, and movies, and music. Basically, your television and your phone are the things that steal your time the most. Knowing this fact, the question now is how do you save some quality time for work.

The biggest problem isn't just the fact that business people spend their time watching television and playing with their phones; but the fact that such people do not control what they watch and do. Pick one or two of your best shows, and watch them alone; plus you have to monitor the time you spend on it. Don't get carried away watching anything that comes your way unplanned. At least that way, you can save some more time for work and more productive things. Hence, be specific on the things you watch - in the long run, you'll have saved some good time for yourself.

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Hello @devotedman!
Time is very valuable and we should take advantage of it in the best way, especially if we have many goals to accomplish, we just have to organize ourselves so we don't get distracted and we don't leave without achieving something productive. It is not a bad thing to dedicate time to television, games and sharing, but you have to be very aware of how much time you dedicate to these activities. Thanks for sharing, greetings!

Hi @devotedman

No doubt, the biggest problem is not only the fact that entrepreneurs spend their time watching TV and playing with their phones; but the fact that those people don't control what they watch and do, it's something like wasting time on purpose.

Best regards, be well.

Most times we blame ourselves for what happen and at the same time we didn't learn to maximize their time management. I believe if only we can filter what we usually watch it will have been great

Time management is really necessary if an entrepreneur want to deliver well and at the right time. He must be able to leave alone what does not add value to his life and destiny.

Well done me time management isn’t about quantity. You can’t measure success with the number of hours you worked. Instead, you need to start measuring how effective and impactful those hours were.