About Penny Cryptocurrencies - Nimiq (NIM) and Holo (HOT)

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Nimiq (NIM)

Nimiq NIM is the first on my list and is probably my favorite lowcap penny cryptocurrency at the moment. I consider this project highly undervalued because of what can do and what the team behind the project are aiming to accomplish. I have to say, Nimiq is one of those amazing projects that have been under the radar without a lot of attention but with constant development and huge potential. Nimiq is simply a blockchain platform that is aimed to bring simplicity and ease of use to blockchain technology. It is a blockchain platform that runs on the browser, which makes it easy for anyone to make use of it.

NIM is the coin of the Nimiq blockchain network. NIM can be utilized and sent from the browser making it one of the most user friendly blockchain platform and cryptocurrency. NIM current price is $0.002125, with a marketcap of $20,307,143 ranking number 609 on coinmarketcap, has a circulating supply of 7.79 billion NIM, fully diluted marketcap of $44,560,300 and a total supply of 8,454,986,736 NIM and a max supply of 21,000,000,000 NIM. With NIM still very much under-valued, there is still a big potential for NIM in the future


Holochain (HOT)

The holochain HOT is next on my list of penny cryptocurrencies. Holochain has been on a rise in the past few months and reaching all-time highs. Holochain is simply a blockchain platform that aims to fully decentralized and make faster on anything blockchain. Also, holochain is a decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain platform for hosting DApps built using holochain. Its main goal is to become the platform that bridges tha gap between the everyday internet and decentralized applications built using holochain.


Holochain token HOT is the token of the holochain network. Holochain current price is $0.002113, with a marketcap of $366,199,257 ranking number 95 on coinmarketcap, has a circulating supply of 173.03 Billion HOT, fully diluted marketcap of $375,264,767 and a total supply of 177,619,433,541 HOT.


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Hello @designieplay
The first coin you mentioned I didn't know it, is that currently there are many, too many Blockchain projects that exist.
The Second one you mention yes, I had seen it, and being within the 100, I think it is a very good location.
And what seems to me is that it has a good focus and growth possibilities.

Yea... penny cryptocurrencies with growth potential can be great investment decision

I never heard about these coin and projects but will cheque it out if I can get some useful information about these so that I can have better understanding about the projects as well as if this can be a good opportunity for the investment also.
@tipu curate

Making research is the way to go so as to make better investment decisions