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I'm @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation

I'm glad to be part of Project HOPE community. I do my best to create a good quality content to share !

I founded @dcooperation about 3 years ago. I'm myself on the blockchain almost 4 years ! So, I have a good experience here. I know enough people and I know very well how the system works and I'm aware of everything happened and still happening on the blockchain.

After the hard fork that happened about a year ago, I was affected very much. Because I invested a lot of time and energy to see the community strong and the blockchain improving. I remember when seem was among 30 most famous cryptocurrencies. I remember when so many people were excited about it including myself and how I was seeing the blockchain in the future. Now everything changed and I'm not that optimistic about anything even in real life after seeing what's happening in the world with the Pandemic and everything. Maybe the only hope I have is in Bitcoin because I hold some and I think that it will grow very much and it can hit $1 million, and even though I have some doubt because the governments may just shut down or limit electricity and that may cause to all crypto to collapse, but I don't think that will happen, I'm just sharing my crazy ideas. If I'm posting in Project HOPE, I just have to have a big hope for a bright future anyway. ☺

So, with all that fork and people fighting each other and the hate that may still exist among some, I decided just to keep creating and supporting those people who are not involved in any drama. I respect very much those creators who just create a good quality content and don't waste time in any distractions. Their goal usually is just to learn and keep sharing useful and valuable information to others and earn a little bit from that. They aren't usually whales who milk the system everyday, but just regular people who live in peace and don't manipulate others or provoke them. I'm the same type of people. I'm adult enough to not play such games and being a parent and a husband don't allow me to waste time in anything that's not useful. We don't even how long we will live with this pandemic and that's why the rest of our lives should be dedicated to only good things. But, not proving that we are right and others wrong.

I created enough interviews and collaborations for the community. When I say the community, I mean all people who are creating in this and similar blockchains even if those are forks, because the fork could take a useful idea from me or other members and impliment it. So, anyone who was active on the blockchain is useful. Even the most little fish who had never accumulated any power or get no influence. In the end we are all people, we all visit the bathroom as I always say !

I profited of course of my work and I withdrew enough and used that for my family, but I think I deserve more for what I did. I still have hope that I will be a whale or someone with influence here because I know enough and I have enough experience even with not being a developer or a big investor. I even have a good part of bitcoin that I grow with time a little bit for my own future. I'm thinking as well of investing in some other cryptocurrencies and who knows, maybe I will buy a big amount here to upvote as many people as I can. Now I have some power in @dcooperation and I will use it to support members of Project Hope because I found the support I lost here !

Despite everything I did for the blockchain, I lost the support of almost everyone and only Project Hope gave me that energy and will to start over building something. I will use this account to support people who are supporting the project and sharing with the fund a good part of what they earn. I do the same with my main account, but with @dcooperation since I want to power up all the rewards here, I will just set 100% of the rewards to power up the account.

I already chose 30 members of the community to autoupvote and I will choose more in the future.

Here are people I've already added and they will be upvoted everyday by @dcooperation with a 50% upvote. I'm also sure as an investor that this account will earn as much curation rewards as possible that way and it will grow faster.

Maybe this account is not that big, but there are a few other creators following the trail and you can as well follow the trail if you like what's done here !

So, I'm supporting : @alokkumar121 @rbalzan79 @adityajainxds @josevas217 @ramsesuchiha @ailet @dgalan @nonsowrites @madridbg @alaiza @filotasriza3 @joseph1956 @devotedman @lennyblogs @aplausos @belemo @lenonmc21 @knowledgefruit @mintymile @tfame3865 @mr-writer @gbenga @menoski @genx-miner @steemtpistia @adesojisouljay @yolmare @eliorrios @mariu.espinoza

And myself of course. I think for doing such work, I have to be rewarded somehow and I think it's ok to support yourself especially when it's unknown where all this will go ! And I have the right to do what I want in a decentralized platform especially if others don't see an issue in that and a lot ae doing the same !

In the future I will add more people, I just have to wait when I'll find the best tool for automation. is not working very well. And even is hard to understand. I hope to find the best tool for automation because I don't have much time to curate manually !

So, let's try to make this account alive again and make it fun to coexist on the blockchain !

You never know the result of what you're doing, the most important is to do something ! Doing nothing is much worse !

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Hi @dcooperation and @clixmoney, thanks for the support to the community, to each of us.
Happy week

You're welcome !

Thank you @clixmoney!

You're very welcome !

Thanks alot @dcooperation and @clixmoney

You're welcome !

I'm new to this community though and I've made my introductory post. I don't know if there are any other requirements before I'll be recognised as a member of the community or guidelines on what to do and what not to do.

I don't really know all the details, but you can check the posts of @project.hope and ask your questions there !