Day 16 of Singapore's COVID-19 Circuit Breaker - Time Extension

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It is day 16 of Singapore's COVID-19 circuit breaker. Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Singapore addressed the nation again and extended the circuit breaker period by another 4 weeks. You can watch his full address on YouTube if you are keen.

Snapshot of PM Lee Hsien Loong's address
Source of video

In addition to the extension, the government also announced further measures to reduce human traffic in order to minimize contact. As a result, more workplaces are required to be closed and the list of essential services is shortened.

Here is a list of businesses impacted due to tightening of measures,

Businesses affected


Notably, at least on Facebook and popular online forums, barbers and hairdressers will no longer be able to operate. One video was circulated to me and I tried to create a GIF but had problem embedding it in the post. Anyway, here is a screenshot.

Singaporeans queuing for haircut

Another notable business that will cease operation is bubble tea shops. For those who do not know, bubble tea is a popular beverage in Singapore. It is basically milk tea with round toppings made with starch.

Bubble tea

Not surprising, there are also long queues at bubble tea outlets as a result of this.

Singaporeans queuing for bubble tea

Generally, I think Singaporeans are too pampered. We are fortunate to be in a relatively affluent country with government which takes care of many aspects of our lives. Instead of hunkering down and stay at home, many of us are taking unnecessary risks for non-essential goods and services during a pandemic.

I think most of readers are not Singaporeans. Do share your thoughts on what you think about how Singaporeans are behaving in times of crisis.

Updates on COVID-19 numbers

In the past 3 days (today inclusive), Singapore saw case count surges of over 1,000 on a daily basis.

COVID-19 case counts in Singapore


While the numbers look frightening, most of them are actually foreign workers living in dormitories. Because of how densely populated these living spaces are, I actually view each of these dorms as something similar to the Diamond Princess cruise. There are close to 300,000 of foreign workers in these affected dorms.

If we draw statistics from Diamond Princess, there might be up to 60,000 infected in the end. The Singapore government is doing active testing on all these affected workers, so there will be many cases emerging but most of them will be asymptomatic or with mild symptoms since these workers are all relatively young and fit.

Let's see how things progress. Meanwhile, stay safe and stay healthy everyone.

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Last party before lockdown - must go! ... last chance to get haircut before lockdown - must go!... last chance to drink bubble tea before lockdown - must have one! What is wrong with these people? Don't they have any brains? The whole idea of the lockdown is to stop the spread of the virus. Yet, to these people it is like - "Oh, this is the last chance to spread the virus - must go out and do my worst." OR - "Oh, last chance to catch the virus, must go and see if I catch it." And people are wondering why the number of cases are going up instead of down. Go figure. My mind boggles. haha..

sometimes it is the language that was used to communicate the event(s).... the message came across to people differently... with different education background or lifestyles.

Anyways, what will happen will happen ;) let it be...

These are all potential super spreading events. These people simply do not care about the well-being of their closed ones.

And they were quite a great example... now look at it... very sad.

I am very fortunate and happy NZ is keeping us safe. ZERO CASES today!

Posted via Steemleo

great job New Zealand!

By the way... after the end of this month, my activity on STEEM might drastically vanish... as one of the games that made me transact on this chain has now initiated the move to HIVE =)

And I am a big investor of that one... so, goodbye everyone.

Plus... I have a big post that I am quite late about... on HIVE. =) if you are keen to check it out. Cross-posting, highly appreciated... and rewarded by my growing stake =)

Which game is that? I was active on Holybread and Nextcolony and they both seem to be still on Steem

  ·  2 years ago (edited) =) of course. Already working on HIVE.

Ah, I am also on that game. But it is a rather passive game, I only log in to see it once every few days. Seems like it was undergoing maintenance yesterday

It was transitioning to HIVE... there is no more of it on STEEM... done... there was too many lost transactions here.

How do you like this game so far? Did @gerber do a good job? :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I am loving the game =) I encourage people to try it. Lots of future development.

And now only available on #HIVE! But you can still use STEEM to play...

Have a look at my dCity:

what's your impression about holy and nextcolony so far?

are you still playing those 2?

Great job!

It is a difficult time in every country now, we hope for the best.

Hehe, we have bought a hair cutting machine, so we don't have to go to the hairdresser anymore :) Unfortunately, I haven't tasted the bubble tea yet, but would love to do so.

By the way, in some newspapers I saw yesterday, Singapore was yesterday portrayed as a nation who was heavily hit again by the COVID-19 virus, after a first successful lockdown. Interesting to see your thoughts that most of the people infected are actually foreigners!

Thanks! Those are the numbers provided by our government, not just my thoughts 😅

The daily cases are decreasing, hope it will be over soon.


I do not know what to say to this, the pandemic is really hitting hard on so many countries and the i will advice that at the point Singapore goes on a total lockdown. Please stay safe.


One thing i can say to anyone during this period is try to stay safe. The government is doing their best, we should also do our best as citizens.

Generally, I think Singaporeans are too pampered. We are fortunate to be in a relatively affluent country with government which takes care of many aspects of our lives. Instead of hunkering down and stay at home, many of us are taking unnecessary risks for non-essential goods and services during a pandemic.

Truthfully, i got touched by this sentence. I wished i could say citizens in my country are lucky but the reverse is the case. I just feel people should comply with the government so we can get this virus out as soon as possible.

  ·  2 years ago 

I abit feel like fainting when the news reporting people rush to queue for bubble tea... bigger impact to me is the barber shop , no hair cut for the next 1 month ++ ... going to join F4 soon

Posted via Steemleo

Lol.. I think they will reverse some of the measures and bring back the barbers if the daily case counts drop substantially. I am confident it will happen in the next 2 weeks or so. Fingers crossed

  ·  2 years ago 

Ya i hope so , as the local community overall is controlled very well..

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