Day 13 of Singapore's COVID-19 Circuit Breaker - No more Big Mac!

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It is day 13 of the Singapore's COVID-19 circuit breaker. Went to a local market area in the morning and it was quite crowded. As you can see from the picture below, all people are wearing mask now as the government mandated it a few days back.

You might also observe on the bottom left of the picture that the tables are stacked up together. This is because eating outlets are complying with the no dine-in rule and have to make sure no one can use the tables.

Morning Market

No more Big Macs for now...

Last Sunday five employees from McDonald's were diagnosed with COVID-19 and they had worked at outlets in Lido, Forum Galleria, Parklane and Geylang East Central. Those outlets were immediately closed as a result and a number of employees were issued leave of absence.

Not long later, McDonald's stopped all takeaway services so as to minimize risk of spread. Finally today, McDonald's announced that they will suspend all operations until 4th May after 2 more of their employees were diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus.

Suspension notice on McDonald's website

This is sad news for many Singaporeans as a lot of us opt to have McDonald's meals for the convenience. There are also many employees and deliverymen who will temporarily be out of job as a result.

Breaking records

On the case counts front, new records are being set on a daily basis. Yesterday, we had 942 new cases. The day before was 623 cases and the day earlier was 728 cases.

COVID-19 Singapore case counts 18 Apr 2020


Based on the figures provided by the Ministry of Health in Singapore, most of the cases from the recent surge are foreign workers. In the table below, you can see that of the 5,992 cases 4,446 cases are foreign workers living in Singapore. I think the government is trying to paint a picture and give some assurance that local community transmission remains low. Cases from foreign workers are being tackled separately and efficiently.

Stats of COVID-19 cases in Singapore from MOH


Judging from the ongoing situation, it seems like the worst is not over yet and I expect to see things getting worse before it gets better. Looking at the trajectory, I won't be surprise that these circuit breaker measures get extended beyond 4th May. Let's see how it goes, meanwhile stay safe and healthy everyone.

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The two week mark of the Circuit Breaker is crucial. This will show whether the CB is working. It is the unlinked cases that are worrying. You can never tell where the next cluster is going to be. But let's hope all the efforts so far, are enough to contain this pandemic.

Indeed. The unlinked cases are worrying but it seems that the CB is doing its job to contain those unlinked cases.

Dont quite understand the rationale. Afterall, Burger King and KFC are still operating.. Whats the difference between MacDonalds and Burger King?

Because there are no COVID-19 cases in the other restaurants?

doesnt make sense.. if there arent COVID19 in other restaurants doesnt mean it wouldnt happen as well? if we say Macdonalds i more popular, and more people go, now that it is closed, people will move to other brands, and hence will cause infections in other restaurants also..

Hope all citizens are fine.
Here (Acheh) our place there is no more corona.


@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 16/20 - need recharge?)


It is really sad that activities have to stop for a while but it is also important to put safety first, may we survive these trying period.