Janet Yellen - SPECTACULAR EXAMPLE and symbol of 180 degree turn towards BITCOIN

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Janet Yellen - is introduction even needed?


This is going to be one of those short publications, but one that I would recommend going through and sharing your feedback with me. As I'm more than interested in your own line of thinking regarding this particular person.

I strongly believe that most Project.hope community members are already aware of who Janet Yellen is. In case you, dear reader, aren't aware of the significant role of this person then let me tell you: she has been openly one of the most active CRYPTO HATERS for a very long time.
She is also US Treasury Secretary, so her words carry loads of power and influence.

She has been pretty much disliked and disrespected within the crypto community and even I considered her to be a "DINOSAUR" in terms of knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology. My own mother seemed to understand more, while my mum is in her early 70s already.

Janet Yellen - RAPID 180 degree turn


Just yesterday many youtube channels EXPLODED with amazing news. Janet Yellen, yet another crypto hater, made a rapid 180 degree turn and now she seems to start to understand what blockchain is about and she seems to appreciate the technology behind it.

Allow me to recommend watching this 3 min short video by well known Anthony Pompliano:



I didn't expect the crypto market to become bullish based on that news. After all, regardless how influential Janet Yellen is and how much power she holds -> this recent "transformation" wouldn't be enough to really move the market.

However ... I consider this "transformation" to be another great example on how people (one by one, including important politicians) are changing their mindset and are becoming bitcoin believers. One could say that they are becoming CONVERTED.

Do you know any other "converted" crypto HATER ?

This is another question I would like to ask. Would you know any other famous and influential person (be it politician or youtuber, big corporation or organization) which changed the approach towards crypto? I could name Mark Cuban Kevin O’Leary. Both famous "SHARK TANK" investors.

Any other big names? Share some similar stories with me if you know any.
I will greatly appreciate each valuable comment.

Yours, @crypto.piotr
@project.hope founder
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A big advantage of not being famous is that one can easily change their mind without having to look ridiculous to others 😂. I think she should have apologized for her previous views. Anyway, Janet Yellen's change of heart is good news, but I believe we'll see much bigger names follow. As for me, I can't wait to see what Bill Gates and Warren Buffett (both deadly criticized Bitcoin in the past) will have to say in the next few months

Thanks for sharing @crypto.piotr

Hi @qsyal

The thing is, that in financial world she is very well known. She may not be "famous", just like chairman of FED is not very well known.

But it doesn't change the fact that important people, with loads of decision making power are taking her words into consideration. And many will surely notice rapid change in her views.

That is better than any sort of marketing.

As for me, I can't wait to see what Bill Gates and Warren Buffett (both deadly criticized Bitcoin in the past) will have to say in the next few months

Indeed. Lets wait and see :)

Greetings friend @crypto.piotr, the cryptocurrency market requires no presentation since the facts speak for themselves, each of the people or countries that are against cryptocurrencies sooner rather than later will have to admit that cryptocurrencies are the future of the global economy.

That such an important person within the U.S. Treasury Department should make such public statements is undoubtedly the best proof that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are gaining more and more ground.

Greetings @crypto.piotr ❤️💕

It really sounds funny how some people may actually want to deny a well known an established fact due to their level of ignorance. There's actually no doubt that cryptocurrency is definitely the future and it will definitely be the future. Janet Yellen being a convert is just the beginning, we should keep expecting more of this to happen as cryptocurrency haters will definitely come back to love the system.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕❤️💕

Hello @crypto.piotr friend, at the moment I don't remember meeting another person who in the past "hated crypto assets" and now has become, what if I am fully convinced is that the economic trend of the future is cryptos, of this I have no doubt and this will be from the smallest corporations to countries like El Salvador, which is giving the best example

I don't know of anyone recently converted. But this news is positive as it may have a ripple effect, in the sense that many cryptohaters are falling for the inevitability of blockchain technology and economics.

If I hear from anyone else, I'll let you know.

Wow! This news is so amazing to me. This shows that when key people in government start to see the benefits of crypto and join the crypto space, then global adoption is imminent. I see this as a stepping stone for yet other crypto haters to get converted towards the crypto space. More so, I believe even countries will join too, not just people.

Thanks for sharing this buddy

hi @samminator

In a way Bitcoin is like a religion, which convers more non-believers into it :)

I did not know about this lady, however realizing that she is a hater of cryptocurrencies and that she has finally changed her position leads me to think that this could be a trend this year, perhaps many influential people who are haters of cryptocurrencies will change their position to finally understand that cryptocurrencies are the future of humanity.

Indeed @sandracarrascal. Trend is very clear.

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Hi dear friend @crypto.piotr

It is difficult for me to name another person, but I am glad that important people are joining the crypto world, I think that in this world you win by order of arrival and we are here first so we have an advantage, it is very funny how the youtuber says that I had to see the declaration several times and verify that it was not fake.

god bless you

Robert kiyosaki the author of rich dad poor dad seems pretty much confused about the crypto space i guess he kind of find it hard now where to dump his assets at he moments he's favorite advice to his followers is to dump bitcoin and buy more Gold which he dims to have more future value than bitcoin.

I guess he finds how incredible blockchain technology is and embrace, with more influential people adopting crypto its a moon dive for all.

Thanks for sharing this interesting information.

hi @mccoy02

Indeed. Robert is kind of already old and confused. He surely had some smart things to say in the past, but now I consider him to be more of an entertainer than someone with updated knowledge.

Hahah sure i suppose he's kind of outdated.

I had heard about this a while ago, it seems to me that "conversion" is possible. Although I prefer to see actions rather than words to corroborate their position. Perhaps the only famous person in the investment world from whom I have heard a change of position is ray dalio.

That guy is a gold fanatic and in recent times I admit that he owned a certain amount in bitcoin as a hedge fund to protect against inflation.

Happy day.

#affable #venezuela

I must admit, that personaly I found myself very keen to listen to what Ray Dalio has to say.
Very wise person.

It's great to have see him also being more positive towards cryptospace.

Greetings @crypto.piotr, it is undoubtedly important that public figures of this magnitude also called politicians, consider that bitcoin represents an alternative economic process, new decentralized and with great potential for the future, hence it is not surprising the turn of thought and conception that Janet Yellen has given, which represents economically speaking a fundamental that can move the price of BTC in a bullish way, we have to remember that analysts are projecting a severe recession, so the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general would represent an alternative to remedy the economic problems that lie ahead and that would allow society to move forward.
Entertaining read cheers.

Hi @crypto.piotr
Interesting topic.
Gradually many current Haters will go away who are missing out on a great opportunity to invest and profit in the future.
I believe that when people understand even in a general way what the crypto environment can offer, they end up realizing that they had the wrong vision, especially if they are traditional investors.
One of them is George Soros, who years ago said that Bitcoin was a big bubble and that at any moment it would burst, however, he recently made investments in BTac, so there are doubts that these investments of really important people in traditional economies are transcendental.

hi @josevas217

Seriously? George Soros did make investement in BTC? I wasnt aware of that.

Thanks for bringing it up. I will surely learn more about it

Hello friend @crypto.piotr, without a doubt Janet Yellen's change of attitude represents a turning point to further promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies, so we see how staunch opponents are changing their minds and admitting the benefits of blockchain technology.

Among other celebrities who changed their minds, I remember that Jordan Belfort, the investor whose story inspired the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, had said that Bitcoin was a bubble and that it would soon burst and disappear, then admitted that he was wrong about that. .

Hello dear friend @crypto.piotr

Opinions in favor of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are on the rise, and the cryptocurrency market may be on the verge of a major state and institutional takeover.

Janet Yellen's statements come in circumstances where a large number of Asian, South American, Central American and European states started to discuss bills to include cryptocurrencies within their economic and financial structures, so I would not be surprised if she has no choice but to support global initiatives.

Best regards, be well.

Greetings @crypto.piotr
Undoubtedly these statements are as a famous person in Venezuela said "Golpe de Timon" since all what he thought and how he acted should change, I am sure that these statements of Janet Yellen, are a product of the decadent economy of the US and must rectify to seek to oxygenate it, The financial freedom offered by the crypto market will allow them to do that and be losing profits.

This will boost bitcoin much more and we will see many more celebrities and politicians investing in cryptocurrencies.
Thank you very much for sharing this excellent publication

Hello dear friend @crypto.piotr, I hope you are very well, when you have no knowledge about cryptos, you think it is something unstable because it is so volatile, but many are unaware of the projects that lies behind the price of a coin. The blockchain is an innovative way to make transactions and is here to stay. Janet Yellen, I imagine, already knew this, but she could not swim against the current and accept that it is an excellent technology because people trust it.

So long, have a great week.

It's only a matter time, and everyone will have to like crypto, because I see crypto becoming the new world economy. As a result, everyone may have to accept it in the future. I feel happy to see these popular figures making a 180. We welcome Yellen to the space of the future - crypto space. Interesting read :)

She explained about Bitcoin so nicely and your telling me she had no understandng of blockchain?

Awww... I can't explain it th way she did it, without reading anything out as well!!

Anway...I don't know about Janet Yellen a tall...

But Bitcoin is old now, and people may be warming towards it with the hedge against inflation narrative popular thesedays and gold 2.0 = bitcoin narrative...

Nice topic, sweet I say, the way she explains... minin granny, is she over 60?

She explained about Bitcoin so nicely and your telling me she had no understandng of blockchain?

Indeed. So far for past few years all she was very hostile and it's the first time I see her actually talking some sense about crypto.

I'm guessing that finally she did her homework :)

She should teach Indian Financial Minister Nirmala Sitaraman about this, apparently she things hard taxes on crypto in India is required to prevent money laundering and to promote CBDC ofcourse

I think this convertation of big politicians are very important for Bitcoin and the crypto industry in general. Another very big step currently is that there will be a Financial Freedom PAC which is supposed to fund some pro-crypto politicans.

This jsut shows that crypto will play a big role in the future and Bitcoin is the flagship. Furthermore, I think that US is trying to preserve their dollar from getting obsolete and that they realized that they can not beat crypto, so they want to join it :D

Great post, as always! :)

Greeting @crypto.piotr!

Woah what a change in the mindset here, but I'm dead curious to know what made her change her mind, I mean someone like her wouldn't just go out and hate on BTC or blockchain technology without knowing about it in the first place right? So I wonder what changed.

Well, seeing people with power converting into crypto side is actually what we need, but hopefully they won't ruin this world though.

I actually don't know anyone "famous" that converted to crypto side... But I would be so happy to see my girlfriend does lol.

ps: The guy's voice kept on like one rhythm while talking, how....

hi @lennyblogs

someone like her wouldn't just go out and hate on BTC or blockchain technology without knowing about it in the first place right? So I wonder what changed.

Why not? She is quite old and well connected with traditional banking system. So all she needed to know is that crypto is an ENEMY and she treated it that way.
Until finally she did her homework :)

I don't know but all oldies refuse new things immediately? I mean is her situation I would never, but you POV made sense actually.

Seeing Janet Yellen doing a 180 degree is really fantastic for the crypto space. She's someone with a voice that many listen to, and I'm pretty sure many other crypto haters will do a 180 because of this. We just hope more influencial people are converted to crypto.

Hi @crypto.piotr Janet Yellen, said a few days ago that more government regulation is needed to monitor the proliferation of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets and to prevent fraudulent and illicit transactions. You have said it very well are only 180 degrees in her speech, perhaps responding to the approach that Biden has placed to crypto, let's hope she has more intelligent and updated advisors than her, that the market and regularizations that they propose are not extreme, that they do not take away the freedom to crypto and that we can have a more stable cryptocurrency market. Dinosaur, good definition. Greetings, I hope you are very well.

It is notorious the commotion that Janet Yellen's news has originated, especially because, as she rightly points out, she has been against cryptocurrencies and their use as a method of legal exchange. However, these announcements are related to those made in early March where President Biden gave the order to exercise control and regularization of the use of cryptocurrencies, especially given the fear that Russia is evading economic sanctions for the invasion of Ukraine through the use of cryptoassets.

However, I believe that in this global economic landscape there is a strong destabilization and governments are witnessing the disappearance of investments in the country's official currency or in minerals, energy and other means of creating funds and reserves. Therefore, it does not become strange that some detractors are playing to an intermediate position or as in the case of Yellen completely different.

Of the famous and I think I would be very surprised if he now speaks in favor of cryptocurrencies, is Bill Gates who does not miss an opportunity to say that we should not trust cryptocurrencies and even explains his reasons why people should not risk their money much or little in them. And really, if tomorrow comes the news that Gates invests in Bitcoin I think I will be one of the first to make a post about it.

Thanks for dropping by @emimoron and for sharing your valuable comment.

The beautiful thing about having people with influence converting to crypto - is that so many other crypto haters will start having a rethink, and may convert too. It's good to see that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more acceptance from the big names.

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This is a very good news for us crypto enthusiasts. To see crypto haters converted is really good for more adoption of cryptocurrencies in our everyday lives. I feel that this is just the beginning, in due time - crypto haters will have no other choice but to embrace the evolutionary change in the financial world. This publication is very interesting.

Better late than never :)

I thought for a while that there are two types of people when it comes to crypto…those who believe in it, and those who will believe in it.

Elon Musk, before he jumped on the Dogecoin bandwagon, was one of those people that had his doubts about crypto, but now he doesn't.

Bitcoin, not only has proven its resilience with a high fault tolerance, but it's incredibly transparent, and one thing that governments like is transparency if they can't control something.

I suspected it was a matter of time that governments, democracies especially, would eventually warm up to the idea of a transparent decentralized monetary model. And crypto economic protocols, like Bitcoin, have robust cybersecurity built into the first layer…which is in contrast to the internet, where security was an afterthought. And this security is something financial systems desperately need.

This may or may not be Janet Yellen’s opinion, but this is more than likely the Biden administration's signaling to the crypto space that they want to increase dialogue and participation.

So buy Bitcoin…before governments really start to integrate it into the financial system :)

Thanks for dropping by buddy,

I thought for a while that there are two types of people when it comes to crypto…those who believe in it, and those who will believe in it.

Such a great way to put it in words @fijimermaid :)

you've mentioned that the "one thing that governments like is transparency if they can't control something.". I'm not so sure if they like full transparency. After all - there is no other party which has so many "dirt" to hide as goverments do. And that transparency in crypto could make it much harder for them to hide many of their sins.

Wouldn't you agree?

Cheers, Piotr

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