FINALLY! I'm safely back to Malaysia with NEW IDEAS and PARTNERSHIPS coming :) [MUST READ]

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Most of you are already fully aware of my recent personal situation which has been affecting my work and activity here on Steemit lately. I've been moving my entire life back to Malaysia, which in times of pandemic isn't an easy task. On the contrary, it has been quite a stressful and time-consuming process.

Today, I would like to share some great news related to our relocation as well as to inform you all about Project.hope's new partnership, which I hope many of you will find interesting and worth your time and attention. So please, stay tuned and continue reading :)



Luckily, we've made it! Together with Keisha (my Malaysian wife) and our little dog named "Happy" - we've managed to land safely. Currently, we're all going through 2 weeks of home quarantine. Big thanks to all of you, for the good wishes and emotional support I've received.

Perhaps some of you flew in the past with your beloved dog or cat, knowing that those several hours in a plane cargo can have a tremendous impact on the health of your pet. It is quite a stressful experience and the joy of being reunited at the final airport is hard to describe.


MOVING FORWARD - forming an important partnership


This is one of those publications, which may not be the easiest to "consume". However, I would need to ask all of you to invest several minutes of your time to read through it patiently.

In the past, we (Project.hope community) had the chance to support a few small projects launched by the Korean team (@RoadOfRich) and we got to know their leader named @Nia quite well. I believe many of you are already familiar with this name.

Their team has been working hard on releasing and launching their biggest and most important project so far: RobiniaSwap.

FEW WORDS ABOUT RobiniaSwap and reasons to be involved


This project has enormous potential and if you ever heard the term DeFi then you may find RobiniaSwap worth your attention.

Several of our PH members have already written publications promoting their previous projects: SteemScan, WaykiChain and SteemField and have shared their personal feedback. I fully understand that some of you had small issues with those tools and those projects were far from being perfect. But it is important to realize and understand, that for the RoR team it has been also a learning process and each product they release is better than previous ones.

It is also crucial to acknowledge the fact that there aren't many active developers on Steemit who would be trying to build and launch their projects. And helping them grow shall be in all our interests. I hope I do not need to elaborate on the importance of supporting the efforts of people like @Nia, who indeed are doing their best to build useful tools for us.


There are many reasons to support this project and I would like to point out at one which I consider quite important. The other day @Nia wrote to me those words:
Quote: If this service is successful, Our team can secure about 1M SP.

That would obviously create an additional demand for STEEM tokens and hopefully bring its price to another level. Collaborating with such a powerful account would bring real benefits for us all.

Who wouldn't like that? And we can help to make it happen.



Let me start with some important info:
RobiniaSwap is scheduled to launch within roughly 2 weeks (according to plan: 24th-27th of September).

This gives us several days to organize ourselves and support their marketing campaign. And me, together with Josevas217 and Lupafilotaxia will be gathering a team of those of you, who would like to join our efforts.

JOIN discord server NOW


Till then, I would like to invite each one of you to RobiniaSwap discord server:

Check those few posts about RobiniaSwap


Those of you who consider this topic with your time and attention - please visit recent publications introducing RobiniaSwap published by some of our PH members:

  1. Robinia Project and its Crosschain Bridge by @josevas217
  2. Soon we will be able to establish investment strategies in Robinia Swap by @lupafilotaxia
  3. Robinia Swap, a project with great projection by @chucho27

Going through those few posts will give you a rough idea about RobiniaSwap and provide more understanding on what this project is about.


I always appreciate every valuable comment and read them all.

Yours, @crypto.piotr
Founder of Project.hope community

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Dear Project.hope members:

I would also like to underline that for recent several months our community has been supported on both chains with solid upvotes coming from account related to RoR team.
(@eric818 has almost 60k SP and 60k HP).

It is our turn to show our support to their efforts.

Thankyou so much for sharing this with us, so happy to hear this and wish you good luck for the launch of this wonderful project.

Hi @crypto.piotr
First of all, I am glad to know that you landed safely in Malaysia with family including happy and this is wonderful news. Good to see you back in action after a long and ROR team well-known name on the steem platform.
I am happy to know that they are going to launch RobiniaSwap and I would love to check the details and share publication about this upcoming DeFi platform.
Thanks for sharing and let's work together to make this project so much popular.
Resteem Done

First of all I am very happy to hear that you and your wife and happy landed safely to Malaysia. But I request you to please stay safe for at least 14 days so avoid any infection. And my good wishes are with you always.

RobiniaSwap , sounds cool I would definitely like to check and invest in the project. Currently defi is performing very well. And we all know ROR and team from long time.

They have delivered very nice projects before also. I am happy and my wishes are with them this project will be huge success.

Lastly togather we can Change anything and be successful.

This is absolutely a great project and I believe that Robiniaswap will become massive in the crypto space. I can't wait for the launch and I have also decided in my own capacity to join to create awareness for this great project. Nice one.

PS: glad to know that you are already doing well in Malaysia. You have a lovely family :)

Stay safe buddy.

This is really a great initiative I must say a
Which will help to form a formidable partnership with this awesome project and at the long run will be an additional advantage to both steem blockchain and project hope community in general

Greetings @crypto.piotr 💕😊

I firstly want to congratulate you for your successful journey to Malaysia. I'm really happy you and your family had a very safe trip to Malaysia despite all the challenges you might have encountered. Congratulations once again!

As for Robiniaswap, I must say I'm really impressed with the team involved most especially since @Nia is involved in the project. The previous projects such as steemscan, waykichain and steemfield are really some of the best project I've seen on the steem blockchain so far. I love the fact that we can easily swap our steem tokens easily at a very cheap rate using Steemscan and I am also very optimistic about Robiniaswap when it comes to solving more problem on the blockchain since the team involved are experienced developers.

I can't wait for Robiniaswap to launch this September and I don't mind being part of the PH-members supporting the project.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕😊

Greetings dear friend @crypto.piotr, good that everything related to your move has gone according to your plans, this RobiniaSwap platform is a very important project and it is a pleasure to be able to participate in this project.

Best wishes my friend.

First of all, it's quite nice to see him in pictures, for a new member like me who doesn't know him that well, it's interesting to see him with his family. Hoping that everything continues to flow in the best way.

About the support of and alliance with @Nia, well, count on me to follow him, support him and his movements. Whatever is for the good of the community, I'll be there.

Hi @crypto.piotr I support the project RobiniaSwap

Hi friend, how nice that you are safe in your home, certainly for pets it must not be an easy process, but how nice that you are together again. Great project, I will be doing my share soon, I think something great could be created and that will benefit us all and the platform. Greetings!

Very happy my friend that you are finally home with your family, I ratify my strict support to project hope and to the new allies together with the Robinia Swap project. Greetings

Good friend @crypto.piotr, good luck you are already in Malaysia and the best of all is that you are always with your wife, that's good, even though you are already there, there is still a little time to finish unpacking things in your new life.
I'm sorry to read how terrible the trip could have been for the little puppy, well the important thing is that you are also recovered from that trauma, I hope you don't have to travel again in the same way for a long time.

It is great to hear good news, from you, as well as what will be coming to the project.

We are here to support you and to keep growing.

Back in the saddle.

Greetings dear friend, I am glad that you and all your family are well in Malaysia, we already know what this pandemic has caused in your planned travel, and it is good to see you again writing and in action on the platform.
And you share a great news, I think Robiniaswap is a great project and supporting this cause can bring a mutual benefit, besides this kind of projects will benefit a lot the steem ecosystem.
I will be aware of the launch and support in any way I can, my regards my friend, a hug to the whole family.

Hello friend, it is good to know that you are doing well and everyone in your family too, certainly, for pets it is a little stressful those long trips. I will take a closer look at that project you mention. Thanks

Good to know that all is well, good wishes to you and yours.


Greetings my friend @crypto.piotr

It must be very stressful to travel in pandemic time and go through all those biosecurity checks. I find this proposal about supporting an organization interested in investing in Steemit very interesting.

I will be checking the contents of the mentioned publications.

Thanks for the information, have a good time.

Good to know that you are safe and reached Malaysia. Its a tough time and you managed to reach safely which is great news for sure.
Talking about this new project, I am happy to support this project and hopefully, it will a huge success. thanks

Happy to know that you are safely landed in Malaysia with your wife and HAPPY 😊😊😊.
And the project by ROBINIASWAP. I will definitely give my time to read all the reltaed article to this project and also I will support their marketing 😊😊😊😊😊👌👌👌.
Thank you so much @crypto.piotr for sharing valuable information very easily.

Nice to see you again @crypto.piotr I am glad that you and your family have safely relocated to Malaysia. I was supposed to relocate as well but that was canceled.

Anyways as for the new project I will definitely look into it and see if it is something I want to take a part in. I am always looking for new projects so might as well give it a try.

Hi @crypto.piotr - So glad that you made it safely out to Malaysia and wish you, Keisha and your dog all the best.

I will read up on Robinia.

Hope to speak to you soon.

Hello friend, I hope you have a lot of success in your new home. That new project looks interesting and seems to have potential, I'm going to read more about RobiniaSwap. Greetings and good wishes to you.

Best regards...

I am delighted that your situation is already in balance and that everything is going well. It is noticeable in that call to continue forming community and working on new projects. This topic is totally new to me, which calls me to read all these suggested publications. This is a strength that ph has and it is the call to create and build in team...


Interesting development. I hope it turns into a bigger success than their previous ventures

After the conditions are conducive, I think it's good if you visit the island of Sabang to enjoy the beauty of nature, and of course I will treat you to a cup of coffee

Are you from MAlaysia @steemadi? I'm from aceh

First of all, am happy for your safe relocation, with your and your family.

Concerning the new project. They are news or things I like to hear. New things that will bring out good results. Am in full support of this project. And I can't wait for it's launching, so that I can be part of it.

Thanks for this update @crypto.piotr

Well, welcome back @crypto.piotr , nice to see you again. I've been very busy for a few days. That's why I can reply now.

Defi projects did not attract my attention from the very beginning, I could not concentrate on this subject, but I want to learn about this subject together with robiniaswap. It is my aim to support your projects by being in the community.

It is good to know that he is safe with his family. It's been a while since I've heard from you, it's good to say hello.

The project you tell us about looks quite interesting and worth a closer look. Being informed before its launch is a great advantage. Thanks for sharing my friend

Thank God you returned back to Malaysia 🇲🇾 safely.. Concerning robiniaswap i believe that the PromoSteem community can help carry out Steem Promotions around the world. We believe that this community will continue to grow and develop..

I had been looking for ways to safely "cash in" my earnings in steemit for awhile. I did not really stress on this because I was thinking of powering up.

However, when Tron was added in our wallets, I wanted to convert this to steemit but unable to do so.

I hope that this project will bridge this gap.

Welcome back @crypto.piotr ... Glad that your journey was safe.

Interesting project and the idea looks great in my opinion,
Following the project closely and will surely show support where possible.

Hi Piotr, I'm glad you are home safe and sound with your family.
We will support this new project, I hope it will be a win-win situation. You have to promote, because if people don't know about something, no matter how good it is, it has no impact.
Greetings. Working hard to promote. GREETINGS.

What a joy my dear friend Piotr, to know that you arrived safely at your destination! How happy that you were able to endure such a long and uncomfortable journey. I'm sure you will do very well in your new home.

The news you are telling us is very good, you have our full support to publicize and provide as much collaboration as possible to @Nia and her RobiniaSwap project, particularly for me it will be a pleasure to write and publicize such an interesting project.

Greetings my dear Piotr, we continue reading !!

  ·  last year 

@crypto.piotr Welcome back to Malaysia again, after two years leaving...

It's about time to have a brand new start here, good luck my friend :)

Happy that you are in Malaysia! Your dog is super cute. My wife and I recently adopted a pet and I can understand your anxiety about your pet's health.

This news about a DeFi project on steem is also incredible. I will go through the links and hopefully this project will be a successful one.

Dear @crypto.piotr. I am happy to hear about your safe relocation to Malaysia and wish your family good health.
Secondly, it is good to know about your support with @RoadOfRich and I wish best of luck to @Nia for launching the new project.

Hi @crypto.piotr Sir I am glad to have seen that your family have successfully landed in Malaysia, I wish you all the best in your all project
Love from Pakistan

It is good to know that the odyssey is over and that you are already in Malaysia, I do not handle exchange issues well but I will try to do my bit. I have already joined the discord and made resteem.

Hello friend @crypto.piotr.

I'm really glad you are back in Malaysia with your family I wish you all the best, as for @Robinianswap I think it's a great project where we can all win, I'll be watching in order to support as much as possible. Regards my friend.

I'm really glad that you landed safely with your family, and you're doing great, with happy. I can't wait for the launch of RobiniaSwap, I think it's a great project. I'll be looking in any way I can be of support. Resteemed!

Nice project from a team we know from the past. We need this kind of easy DEFI on the Steem blockchain.

Definitely worth checking out and sharing to the Steem world !

PS: I am happy to see that you are now calmly settling in Malaysia @crypto.piotr ; even COVID could not derail you from this goal hehe.

Sorry I took so long replying. Wanted to explore Robinia's swap dynamic.

Really happy for you on your new home Piotr. Send us more images.

The other reason I was late replying (I know- not the most active PH member) was that I wanted to include a post on swaps. It's a crypto aspect that doesn't get as much attention as NFTs and is powerful in its own right.

Anyway, here's my conclusory paragraph and link to my perspective on swaps:

Swaps for Neighborly Trades

...The pure speed afforded by swaps and crypto technology allows for something akin to inflight adjustments. It's a far cry from the slow, permission-based server system that still dominates the day.

Ownership trumps permissions, obviously. Automobiles can pull over to the side of the road indefinitely. Global markets need swaps that act more like pilot-to-pilot weather updates than isolated command centers on the ground. Efforts like RobiniaSwaps (the inspiration behind this post) are a key to the new economy. It's a purer system where individuals across the globe are in full control over their transactions.

Thanks for dropping by @machnbirdsparo and sharing that link. Already resteemed it and will read carefully in a moment.

Longest time sir, Glad you are safely back home. Helping out with this project will really be a good move to the steem Blockchain in general. Used quite some swap Dex, will need to read more about robinia

Greetings dear friend @crypto.piotr

I am glad that all the procedures related to your move to Malaysia have gone well, you are looking forward to good moments of enjoyment in tropical lands, enjoy the blessings that Malaysia gives you, my sincere greetings to your wife.

Regarding the #RobiniaSwap project, I am waiting for its official launch, so far I plan to invest resources, I trust in the great work being done by the developed team and my friend Nia.

Blessings to you and yours. Be well.

Wow, this is really a wonderful project and I really think it needs the support of the whole team and I am 💯 willing to support in any way I can but by writing about the project on my personal blog and every other way

This is a nice offer @crypto.piotr, judging from their past projects, I believe this one will be another good project to invest in. The journey is worth embarking on.
You have my full support.
Best regards

Great to see that you've arrived Malaysia safely with your family. And about RobiniaSwap, I think it's a great project, and I can't wait for the launch. Thanks!

I would like to participate greatly in the marketing of Robiniaswap

I also want to see if it is something I can share with my customers.

I have a community of over 190 people on WhatsApp who buy crytpo daily.

Also if @nia would need support in terms of fromt end on the project, i can gladly be of help.

All this alliance can bring many benefits, it will be interesting to join the activities and participate, I will be awaiting the launch of @Nia, all these growth strategies are good for everyone here in the project, we will continue working and I think that this user is important to get ahead greetings and success I will be pending thanks for coordinating me

I wish you a good start in building your life in Malaysia. This seems like a very interesting project :-)

I'll be sure to check out RobiniaSwap! Thanks for the update

lovely to know about this initiative would love to be associated

I think that Robiniaswap will do well in the crypto space. My best wishes are with it!

Hi dear @crypto.piotr
It is my misfortune that I always come with late response..😔
ROBINIASWAP pretty good sound to the ear. If I am not wrong then this project will launch own token on steemit platform and this token can be farm with other token. Really awesome effort by Robiniaswap project's team. Waiting for that moment when this project will be fully functional. One thing more I want to you know from you that like other tokens (sport ctp spt etc) that we get from various tribe, this token also will be available like that.? If yes then really amazing.
By the way, Korean team #RoadofRich and leader #Nia deserves to be admired who made dreams come true with their tireless efforts.
Oh I forget to say you happy landing in Malaysia with #HAPPY . We can manage 14 hour but in case of PET it is very difficult task to stay in plane cargo.. travelling always be stressful.
Feel good that you are again in action. Yeah! It is good decision 2 weeks home quarantine.
Best wishes for #Robiniaswap project .

hi @certain

It is my misfortune that I always come with late response..

it's not a big deal. I still read all comments :)

If I am not wrong then this project will launch own token on steemit platform and this token can be farm with other token

Based on my knowledge, they will launch their own token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). But it will be "bridged" somehow with Steem. Im not sure myself how and I'm quite curious.

Oh I forget to say you happy landing in Malaysia with #HAPPY .

Thank you my dear for your kind words.
Yours, Piotr

Greetings and welcome back to posting. I must admit that I miss you on this platform and I am glad that your relocation was a success. Also regarding this new project, it would mean a lot if I am part of the member in the team chosen to drive this project as I believe that De-fi is something not to be toiled with.

your points on the PH community getting over 1 million sp and their shooting the value of stem itself is valid and I feel that the project Robinia Swap would be lucky to have a community such as Project hope supporting its vision.

I am still learning more about the project from the @joseva217 post but with what I have seen so far, its truly a project worth being part of

in closing, welcome back @crypto.piotr

Hello Piotr! I'm glad you came home happily. Regenerate your strength and move forward. I hope we'll talk to you soon at the zoom.
I am glad that it will work with a new partner. I am waiting for new messages from you and the team! Regards!

This is definitely a great project. I deep into DeFi this day and I will like to promote this project in my little capacity.

DeFi is actually given opportunity to many in a way of creating passive income for them and I will love to see the success of this project also.

I will join the discord t and contribute my own little quota.

Thanks for sharing.

Hello my dear friend @crypto.piotr, it is gratifying to know that you are at peace with your loved ones and that all your projects are on track. As for @RobiniaSwap's project I find it very interesting, as we can use our steem tokens to do farming, like you I think this kind of initiative is needed on the platform to consolidate steem.

Without a doubt, I want you to know that I will be aware of the launch of the project and collaborate in any way I can.

See you later brother, have a great weekend, greetings to your family.

Hello, my best wishes to you and the family, moving is like starting new projects and dreams.
Successes in what you decide to undertake, I will be careful to review the information you share here.
Good vibes.

It is really great that you all are safely home and yes i will definitely support the team as it is in the best interest of everyone making it a win win situation for each one of us so for sure i will support the team and project.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Hi @crypto.piotr
Good news and I am glad that you are already in your new home.
My best wishes and regards

  ·  last year (edited)

Greetings friend Piort, I am very glad that the whole trip has had a happy ending and you are already in Malaysia and also the "happy" doggy, you can see that he is enjoying it very much.
This new project driven by @Nia , I am sure it will have a lot of potentialities, RobiniaSwap, is going to be very helpful for everyone. Count on my support to promote this new initiative.

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi @crypto.piotr Good to see you after a long time. I was used ROR in past when it was started, i got god curation support there on my gaming content. I am really very excited to see this new initiative.

Congrats @nia RobiniaSwap is going to be awesome. keep on ...

I will check it out.

P.S. Yall look so happy with "Happy." :)

Glad to have you back safe to Malaysia its actually been awhile.

This is clearly a very good partnership and a win win for everyone here in the project.hope community.

Sure will closely follow the project and catch up with all their latest news.

Welcome back, it's good to know that you are safe at home in this pandemic time and ready to continue working on your projects !!

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Thank God for the safe trip back to Malaysia, I have read the post on RobiniaSwap and I can say with my little knowledge that they have great plan and prospect. Supporting them is a good idea because a tree cannot make a forest and what are we in this world for if we cannot support our fellow brethren to success especially those that have in one way or the other support project hope before. Am even more delight that the success of the project will move steemit platform in general forward, we should all try and support them if truly we love steemit and want it move forward. A project like this should not be ignore, am in full support.

  ·  last year (edited)

Greetings Mr
@crypto.piotr, I have just finished reading the Post, I will give you all the support I can give you.

Greetings friend @Crypto.piotr, I am happy with the news that you managed to arrive safe and sound to Malaysia, with your family, I wish you a very productive and prosperous life in that new country.

It is good to know the great project that is being developed called Robiniaswap, the truth can generate an unimaginable amount of benefits for everyone, it can be a great investment opportunity, we must give our best to help the success of the project and thank you for placing my post as an example.

Hi dear friend @crypto.piotr

RobiniaSwap is scheduled to launch within roughly 2 weeks (according to plan: 24th-27th of September).

Robiniaswap sounds like an interesting project, I'm glad you're doing well dear friend, thanks for your excellent work thanks for saving my life and count on me for whatever you need

P.D. 1 M of steem would be excellent for the project

Hello @crypto.piotr, I'm glad you and your little family are safe, y'all look really cute in the pictures too!

I'm looking forward for this project, I've read multiple posts to learn more and will keep doing that so everything will be clear for sure. I would like to thank you for keeping us updated about yourself and the upcoming projects too.

I am very happy that you had a happy trip with your family. I find this new project interesting and I will support it. Regards

Greetings @crypto.piotr,
I'm really glad to hear both you and your wife landed safely to Malaysia. And glad to hear that you are back to action with @RoadOfRich and I'm really interested. Joined the discord and thanks for sharing with the community.

A week ago, @Josevas217 showed me the potential of this project. And the truth is, it sounds great, One of the things that we can take advantage of is that there are only two weeks left until its launch, We will be the first to enjoy its benefits.🙂🙂

@tipu curate 5

Hi @crypto.piotr I am glad to have seen that you and your family have succesfully landed in Malaysia, I wish you all the best in your endevours. Cheers

Hi @crypto.piotr,

Welcome back!

I am an enthusiast of innovative Defi projects. BSC is one of my favorite chains along with Polygon. I am looking forward to using the Robinia platform.

Its been a minute I last engaged here but its great to be back to some great news. I am sure to read those referenced post and willing to help in any capacity in the growth and acceptance of the new platform.

@crypto.piotr I am happy you and your family are settled now. Wish you all the best

Hi @crypto.piotr Great news, glad to hear you are safe with your family. Additionally I am very interested in supporting this project, please let me know how we could support and spread the word in the current marketing campaign.

Steemit Cryptography Professor.

Welcome "back" to Malaysia, after like what? 2 years? 3? Oh, can see you have a small belly already. Proof of good life heh.

I myself does not involve much in decentralized finance, I know it can be a heck of a tool to shake the crypto sphere. There are more than 1 project in STEEM defi-ing out cross chain as well, #nutbox for example. In my opinion, any activity is better than no activity in STEEM blockchain. We will not know how great the adoption is going to be until it's launch, but I'm sure the team is working very hard to get the bridge up.

I've read those publications as recommended, I know there's a lot of "recommendations" being carried out in those posts. Perfect marketing pitch. Now what left behind all that, is how can the tokenomy support a cross chain LINK. Where is the real value? I know defi is about bringing down the costing between different chain via swapping. It's very similar to a physical money changer. When you deposit USD into the money changer to get your Ringgit, that stash of USD doesn't really fly to US. Someone will have to punch the value in Malaysia and the DIGITS will have to appear on the counter party.

Now, other than bringing down cost, I'd like to see more "opportunities" that is "already" in the pipeline whilst thinking of why do we start going defi. How does defi bring value to STEEM? Cheaper entry fee is one thing, investment opportunity is another. I would like to see more idea getting out of this project, which also help to grow STEEM community.

p/s: I personally still very much attached to @futureshock and still pretty much addicted to #drugwars. I definitely know I'm not the best player, but I enjoy building stuff in the game, and I also spend some STEEMP to buy DWD. I can see I myself injecting value to the game rather than purely taking out of it. I can imagine if there's a defi going on with the game, I can start to Tron Swap my TRON to DWD and upgrade my game facilities? I don't know, just thinking out loud.

Cheers and welcome "back" again.

Those were indeed 3 long years @davidke20

Good to be back :)

  ·  last year (edited)

This is the post I've been waiting for for a long time . Glad that you arrived safely in Malaysia with your nice family. Hope everything goes well with your new location.

As regards to RobiniaSwap, I'd be happy to go through it and find out what it offers and am ready to provide help if there is anything I can do...

Hey @crypto.piotr good to see you and your family safe and strong. And you made a nice begining at new place with a strong project #robiniaswap.

It is always good to be a part of a group having strong fundamentals and am happy to be part of all this development.. hope the new project would bring all success to everyone... big thanks to all supporting member .... @project.hope @eric818 and every memeber that keep supporting each other....looking forward to see and be part of this ever growing project and team.......stay safe and all the best.

First of all I wish you a good and prosperous life in Malaysia my dear friend @crypto.piotr. I was mission you on as I had not seen your posts for a while. Have a great time ahead.

Please verify achievement 1 @crypto.piotr

what do you mean @baba789?

Baba (Persian: بابا "father, grandfather, wise old man, sir";) is an honorific term, of Persian origin, used in several West Asian and South Asian cultures. ... Baba is also the familiar word for "father" in many languages (see mama and papa); in India it has even been adapted to address male children.@crypto.piotr

Nice picture of you and your family. Feels good to know that you're doing great. I wish RobiniaSwap all the best in the crypto space, I'll be waiting for the launch, and looking to support in any way I can.

I'm very happy to know that after so many hurdles you have safely moved back to Malaysia with Keisha and your little dog "Happy".

We so many people have gone through the tough time of Covid.

I read about an interesting partnership with Korean team @RoadOfRich and @Nia and I am sure that RobiniaSwap will be a big and most important project if the team secures 1m SP.

I would like to get into the deep in this project partnership and I would also like to be a part of a marketing campaign and promotor for this project.

Just joined and doing my research, a bit impressed already!

This is a good project. Happy to be part of it, I have join the RobiniaSwap discord server.
And I am happy to hear that you have settle down in Malaysia fully.

I'm glad all of you are safe 😊👍

I am really happy to see that you landed safe with your entire family. Happy looks so happy, just take a good look at him you will see that it is written all over him.

I never knew it was ROR game that is supporting us with those upvote from @eric818. Any which way, since their intentions are pure we will be happy to support them with our best. I will join their discord and help with whatsoever ways that I could. Thanks for sharing such an amazing post, we are really happy you are getting us updated .

Hello @crypto.piotr, I am very happy to know that you have already made it to Malaysia, and soon you will be established in your new home.

Regarding the Robinia project, this same week I have read the publications in HP about it and I have the best expectations, I want to know more about it.