Exciting news! SteemAuto by @Xpilar has been finally launched! :)

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This is going to be a very short post. And I will get straight to the point.

Recently OLD SteemAuto (https://steemdb.online/) managed by @steem-supporter has been shut down. And in its place new version has been launched by well known and reputable witness @Xpilar

I've tested it myself and so far it has been working much better than the previous version. There aren't that many problems anymore with curation trails (as many experienced some issues in the old version of steemauto).

Link: https://worldofxpilar.com/dash.php

Their discord channel: https://discord.com/invite/VAHHsmnNaJ

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Hard to trust who defended the old steem-supporter system...

Hi @sardrt

Do not think that I'm challenging your words. However, I also defended @steem-supporter and I still stand by him.

So far not even one evidence has been provided that he abused peoples trust. And I asked about those evidences several times, on several occasions.

If you have any, then please share with me. it's very easy to discredit someones work.

Xpilar is one of the most reputable people I got to know on Steemit. And I do put my trust in him and I support his efforts.

I haven't been visiting Steemit a lot recently so I got quite confused when suddenly I got a lot of rewards for just few hours and then everything stopped.

I hope this service stays online for long, so I can focus on my real work and visit Steemit when I have something worth writing.

Even though I tried both Hive and Blurt for a while, I still feel more home when using Steem. Maybe it's because of the integration with Tron and I'm still working on a project that involves Tron block chain.

Interesting @mtl1979.

I somehow also feel that Steem is more of home to me. There is less haters here comparing to hive. That's my very strong impression.

Cheers, Piotr

Our problem only in Steemit is we have less supporter here. What I mean is, less whales.

I was kind of disappointed when Steem Engine disappeared... I was going to learn how to write smart contracts for Steem so I could start own token.

Ciertamente en hive yo he encontrado personas que solo por ocio votan negativo los post espero aquí no encontrar personas asi

Great development! I just joined the curation trail.

Thanks for sharing ❤️💕

Excellent news my dear friend @crypto.piotr sure will bring great benefits, I also take this opportunity to congratulate @xpilar for the great effort to provide us with a timely solution.

Thank you for sharing it with us, such good news to be published!

Good information. Best of luk.....

@tipu curate 5

Thank-you for the message in my wallet regarding a replacement for Steemauto. There is also another replacement that is not a copy but an entirely different auto-voter made by witness Italygame. You can find that one at https://steem-fanbase.com

Thanks @happyme for sharing this link with me.
I'm going to check it out.

In meantime: consider joining our Project.hope community trail :)

Cheers, Piotr

Hey. Good to see project hope in its peak and still more miles to go. From many times I've been trying to find out PROJECT HOPE discord link but I couldn't find. Actually my previous discord account was lost so I couldn't slide in. Is it off? Cause it's old discord link is expired

Hi @cryoto.piotr, indeed an extraordinary news, thanks for sharing it and thanks to @Xpilar for such an important contribution with the platform and towards all of us. Regards.

I created my own trail and I followed yours as well.
The problem is that I don't see my trail active, even though I have it enabled.

I'm watching, hope it works soon.
Thanks for sharing this information 🤗🤗🤗

hi @haccolong

I created my own trail and I followed yours as well.

Nice to hear that. However, I do not see you on the list of ph-support trail followers (https://worldofxpilar.com/dash.php?i=15&id=1&user=ph-support). Could you please look into it?

Cheers, Piotr

I am confused between ph-fund and ph-support . LOL
I have solved this problem.
Thank you for checking and informing. :)

hi @haccolong

ph-support is a trial for smaller accounts, and ph-fund is being followed by few larger ones :)

And ph-support is going to be triggered before second trail does.

hope Im making sense.

Really exciting news. I hope this new version succeeds and sustains for the long haul.
The fact that @xpilar manages this tool gives it a big vote of confidence.

I joined the curation trail today.

What I was looking for, so thank you! :)

Hi @haccolong

Consider joining our trail: https://worldofxpilar.com/dash.php?i=1&trail=ph-support

Trail Name: ph-support
Description: Project.HOPE trail. Join and support quality posts and earn HIGH CURATION REWARDS. [read full description]. Our trail has unique structure: after all upvotes are being placed, strong one from @project.hope follows. Which will result with your curation rewards being increased above normal level.

Cheers :)

Greetings @crypto.piotr thanks for the information, and always look for a solution for everyone, and thanks to @xpilar for the effort made.

Greetings @crypto.piotr thanks for the information, very valuable and alert. Always looking for a solution for everyone and help for everyone, and thanks to @xpilar for the effort made.

Saludos @crypto.piotr gracias por la información, muy valiosa y de alerta. Siempre buscando una solución para todos y ayuda para todos, y gracias a @xpilar por el esfuerzo realizado.

hi @sacra97

Great to hear from you again. Please consider joining our trail:

My suggestion is to set up fixed 100% upvote and Limit on Mana: 85-90% :)

ps. I've tried to DM you via Discord. Do you still use it?

Cheers, Piotr

If you excuse me, do not answer it, I am working and in other procedures. I will try to find out how to do that, since I am not very expert. I always support them

Blessings @crypto.piotr

Greetings @crypto.piotr, excellent news you have shared, we fully trust in the work being done.

Good luck.

Excellent information and thanks for sharing it friend Piotr

Thanks for the information certainly it is necessary to renew and change from time to time because everything is a process of change in every aspect of life and much more of the events that depend on technology.

Dear @crypto.piotr
You are always good at breaking new ground. This short presentation is also amazing. Stay well.
Your @mrnazrul From #Bangladesh

This is great news. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for the review and your kind words

This is great news. Thanks for sharing.

This is really a great news worth hearing.

Great job and a massive welcome development

This is the great news. I am big thankful to @xpilar . Thanks for this great initiative.

i am glad to be part of this awesome community. we deserve this win. a big shout out to everyone pushing this community to greater heights

Thank you for sharing this with us sir. This is a very interesting initiative.

Nice job 👍

Thanks for sharing curation trail is a good means of earning extra reward on steem.

Awesome news! And so great that the tool is up and running again, and the fact that @xpilar is supporting and running it together with his team also gives credibility! :)

Excellent news, and thanks to @xpilar for this great initiative!

I have not been able to access the old SteemAuto (https://steemdb.online/), but I concern about it's still running. I mean, upvotes still dropping every day.

I would like to stop these automatized upvotes.

How could I remove the authorization to old steem-auto?
I would appreciate it so much if you could help me with that, please.

Saya kurang mengerti steemauto bekerja karena saya pendatang baru jadi mohon berikan pencerahannya bagaiman cara kerja nya

I just joined the trail @crypto.piotr expect a lot of good posts from me

Please I need you assistance as a beginner