What does the future hold for Terra LUNA's projects?

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Greetings to all readers of this great platform, especially to those who make active life within the great community of #ProjectHOPE, in the present opportunity I want to share with you information that goes related to the Luna project, from a personal perspective seeing how the project has behaved since the moment the arrest of its owner was announced, being this reaction really negative within the 2 projects that are greatly lowering its value.

Screenshot taken at: Coingecko

Approximately 15 days ago, I had shared with you information about this project that was referring to a great rebound in value, talking about the classic Luna, as it was named after the big drop in price and the appearance of the other LUNA project, this situation is rumored to have been generated by some big investors at the time to generate profits, while others say that it was a stable rise, which failed within days due to the situation that arose with the owner.

As many of us remember, the situation that was experienced with this project was not at all positive, many large investors felt cheated and thus began a lot of lawsuits against the owner of the project, at the time of this situation and with the passing of the days decided to create a second project to try to compensate these investors, this situation is currently at great risk again, mainly because of the arrest warrant by the Korean authorities, a situation that affected the credibility of the project and thus its value.

These last 14 days, taking into consideration the information reflected in the crypto market, we can see as shown in the cover image, the price has fallen more than 60% really serious situation, since most investors are withdrawing all their funds or much of them, this is reflected in the decline in market capitalization, for fear that the same thing happens as last time and come to lose all their resources in this project, currently being a delicate time for the Terra LUNA project.

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I have already decided that I will never be part of this project because this is not reliable and no matter how it move in future but my decision is confirmed. Trust is one of the meeting in the market in any project and in my opinion this project had lost it.

From what I'm seeing, the new LUNA is kinda a hated project. Most of the community wants to keep supporting the old version (LUNC). Even Binance is supporting by deciding to implement a burn mechanism on all $LUNC spot & margin trading in order to help the LUNC community.

Thanks for sharing :)