Use of the technical indicator "Stochastic Oscillator" for trading decisions.

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Good evening to all readers of this great platform, in my last articles I decided to talk a little about the technical indicators used in trading, this is mainly due to the market movement that is taking place at this time where it can show us clear signals of entry or exit of the same, that is why the need for the study of trading.

For this article, I bring you information about a technical indicator of great relevance from my perspective, which is called "Stochastic Oscillator" as it is a technical indicator which from my perspective has essential characteristics when trading, mainly measuring the strength with which a market is handled in a certain direction.

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To learn how to use the technical indicator of the stochastic oscillator, it is necessary to learn a little about this indicator, mainly is responsible for measuring the strength of a market by the amount of excessive buying or excessive sales, which will determine the strength that has a market in the direction it is, and thus to understand the behavior of the market.

The stochastic oscillator, is conformed by 2 lines that are the indicators, called %K line and %D line, considered as the 2 moving averages that generate the signals in this indicator, and by means of the study of them we can evaluate the force that the market possesses.

The %K line, is always considered as the fast moving average, which performs the functions of indicating the main behavior of cryptoasset, but this line to perform its functions, must comply with a complement known as the %D line, being this the slow moving average that is responsible for complementing the %K, and between the 2 lines make up the Stochastic Oscillator, to give you an idea of its operation I will show you the following graph.

Screenshot taken at: Binance

In the graph shown above, we can see how the "Stochastic Oscillator" marks the entry signals to buy or exit a market, which are reflected by crossing the %K line (represented as the fast) on the %D line represented as the slowest, which is the complement of the first moving average.

On the other hand, it shows the changes of market trend, either in bullish or bearish market, giving good market signals, however, this indicator can also give false signals in the market, that is why it must be complemented with other indicators that help us to confirm what this technical indicator is indicating as possible behavior.

Now, as I like to point out on other occasions, is it possible to trade only with this indicator? The answer is still a resounding no, this is because it can give false signals due to lack of additional information, which can be generated by other technical indicators, which is why when trading we require several indicators to make the right decision in the market.

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hello @chucho27,
knowing how the market is going to fluctuate is not always easy, for this we have to use a series of tools that will allow us to predict how the market will behave, in this case with indicators that are always helpful. However, never forget that these indicators are a guide to a possible market movement but they do not predict the future.

Greetings friend, thanks for presenting information about this indicator, I am not really a trader but I am in the process of training and I like to know about the use of indicators, and particularly of the few times I have traded I liked working with oscillators, sure I will find out a little more about this indicator.

Greetings friend @emiliomoron, I am glad to know that this indicator can help you to complement your trading strategy, the truth is that I am using it as a complement, and it is a useful element to confirm the signals given by the other indicators used, do some research on it, it can help you.

Hello @chucho27

I recently used the "Stochastic Oscillator", and I must express that it has been of great help to me in my trading strategy, I am still studying it since I must adjust the strategy to be able to take it into account when deciding to enter or exit buy / sell operations.

Best regards, be well.

Greetings friend @lupafilotaxia, I am currently using it, only as a complement to the other indicators I use, while I get to understand better how it works, so I can look for better utility, but the truth has given me very good signals.

Hello dear friend @chucho27, thanks for educating us a little about some technical indicators, personally I take advantage of every publication related to indicators, since I am in the process of learning, I will investigate a little about it, if it measures the strength with which the market moves if you have a good reading you can enter in time in possible trend changes.

See you later, have a great weekend.

Greetings friend @amestyj, the truth you described a very good way to give utility to the indicator, it is a perfect complement to verify the change of trend, the truth I am also in constant learning of trading, and I like to share what I am studying, so other people know it too.