Risks of being scammed in cryptocurrency wallets.

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Greetings to all readers of this great platform, we are currently living a new reality in the global economy, which is based mainly on the digital economy of the Blockchain, for which a series of digital wallets that allow us to transfer our resources to the different investments we want to make are required, in my particular case the one I use the most is the Metamask wallet, it is a really easy to use and practical wallet for all networks we use today.

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Risks in using the Metamask wallet.

As expected, things that produce money tend to be victims of scams, and in the blockchain losing an account of these wallets is impossible to recover them, this is because their code is unique generated only once, and being a decentralized economy there is no boss to claim to recover the resources we have lost or demand that we get back our account, that is the importance of safeguarding well the recovery codes, preventing anyone from accessing them.

These recovery codes for the wallets that are used, are known as seed phrases, whoever has access to them can install another person's wallet in their computers and access all their resources, this being one of the main objectives pursued by fraudsters, to obtain the seed codes of another person to access their resources.

How to avoid wallet scams?

As I told you before, the objective of the scammers is to acquire your seed codes at any cost, my first recommendation is that no application that requires the use of your wallet can ask you to enter your seed phrases, since that is only required to link your wallet to a computer, otherwise it should not be used or given to anyone, keep that information as your most precious treasure.

On the other hand, yesterday reading an information I realized that there are scams of Ronin wallet, for those who have invested money in Axie Infinity, a person gave the work of creating a fictitious Ronin wallet in Play Store, that when accessing it you share your phrases seeds and end up being scammed, application that has more than 5 thousand downloads, be careful with that and avoid being scammed.

One more thing, yesterday I also read information about a page related to Axie Infinity, where the address differs from the original only by a dot, being the original https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/axie, the fake page does not have the dot enters the word Marketplace and axieinfinity.

There are always people who want to access easily to our resources, let's avoid following this game and be one more victim, remember to keep your passwords in a safe place, do not share them with other people and always verify the addresses where you enter cryptocurrency pages, that they are real addresses, with this we can avoid losing our resources that have cost us so much to acquire, and we keep safe our goods and our economy.

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Many times people who fall for this type of scam, simply do so because they do not know how security works, the scammers know this and that is why many people make the terrible mistake of supplying the seeds to the scammer.

Greetings dear friend @chucho27, good data that you share with us that are of great help to prevent us from falling into scams, scammers seek any way to seize our income in cryptos therefore, we must be very cautious.

See you later brother, have a great start of the week.