Positive aspects of the return to face-to-face education in Venezuela

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Greetings to all readers of the great community of #Steemit, on several occasions I have spoken about the return to face-to-face education, the negative aspects of the same and the benefits that this can generate, currently it has been 2 weeks since the start of face-to-face classes in the country, since October 25 of this year there was the successful start of face-to-face education, and so far everything is taking place in total normality, without any problem as far as COVID-19 is concerned.

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After the decree issued by the President of Venezuela, in which he announced the return to face-to-face education in Venezuela, starting October 25 of this year, this includes all educational levels, from kindergarten to university, although many institutions are not yet ready for the beginning of these activities, they are being carried out satisfactorily, without any kind of alert due to the pandemic.

A few days ago it had been announced that each student would only have face-to-face activities twice a week, and also that it would be during the weeks of flexibilization, since in Venezuela the 7 + 7 method was being applied, which applied 7 days of absolute radical quarantine, and 7 days of flexibilization activating the economy and in this new scheme the education in the country.

A few days after this news and with classes about to start, the President issued a new decree in which he announced that as of November 1 all weeks would be flexibilization until January, so that students must now attend 2 times a week continuously to educational institutions, which represents another stage of adaptation for students and teachers.

Despite this new change, and the fact that the start of classes is still very recent, everything is working well, it is a project that is on the go, and it is being successful so far, generating a better educational quality for students.

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Despite the circumstances facing the country itself, and the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the poor condition of the public institutions, it has been a positive start for education in Venezuela, and it is considered that it will improve as time progresses, and with the arrival of students to the institutions, and the educational staff back in the institutions, the care of the facilities can be very different, generating great benefits in terms of maintenance and care of the institutions.

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Greetings my dear friend @ chucho27, like your opinion that a face-to-face education is the efficient way to transmit knowledge, it also allows you to "fill with life" the university and educational centers.

Unfortunately, like everything in this government, it continues to be carried out in an improvised and illogical way.

The issue of the pandemic has been handled as if it were a lottery, in which some will get "the prize" and others will not. Here in Anaco the cases have increased exponentially, my children who had attended these three weeks to classes, we decided not to send them due to the increase in COVID19 cases in their high school ... so the truth is that without a good policy and without educational institutes have the necessary measures for the spread of the virus, the truth is that the subject of face-to-face classes must be observed in great detail

Hello @chucho27!
Certainly it is positive that we return to our activities and that children and adolescents also do so, however, we must ensure measures to ensure that the return to school is as safe as possible and that we all work to get ahead especially in our country. Thanks for sharing, greetings!

If we wait for COVID to disappear then we will never do anything. I think we should stop the "drama" now (and sorry if I sound a bit pedantic), but the world cannot continue to be paralyzed by this virus. We must continue working, studying, recreating ourselves. The virus will continue, we just have to learn to live with it as we have done with countless other viruses that exist.

Thank you for sharing your impressions with us.

Greetings friend @chucho27, certainly the return to on-site classes is necessary and has a positive effect in terms of the recovery of educational spaces that were abandoned, and although it is happening in general with good results it should be noted that some institutions do not take into account the capacity of their spaces, I say this because of some complaints from parents here in my region who expressed that their children had to attend classes all week or that an empty desk was not left among students, and although we should not expect the virus to disappear to reactivate the activities if we must consider that it is still present.

Greetings dear friend @chucho27, like you I hope that this return to class will allow the recovery of the physical spaces of the educational facilities, since it is no secret that some of them are in a state of deterioration and abandonment. Let's hope that the process continues to move forward efficiently and that no new cases of covid are reflected.

See you later brother, have a great week.

Talking about the covid problem is never-ending, and if we expect the covid problem to disappear from the face of the earth, then it is very difficult, because of the covid case, it can be said that a government project has entered extraordinary assets.