New educational modality in Venezuela, semi-face-to-face education

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Greetings to all readers, a few days ago I commented that Venezuela had decided to return to face-to-face education in the country, as the days have passed the decision is maintained, but with some modalities for the different types of education, to the types of education I refer to initial education, first, high school and university, these have different characteristics for their development in the new normality that will be presented in the country, this being a great advance for education.

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In these weeks new advances have been made in education, this being a great advantage for all involved, I want to start talking about the decisions taken in early education, first grade and high school, in which it was decided that classes will be of mixed character, ie face-to-face and distance, now how is that? Well, students must attend school one week and the following week will be distance education, each one from home and with technology.

This represents a great advantage for everyone, since teachers and institutions will have a full week for the disinfection of the institutions, as well as not to be obligatorily in contact with students every day, with this education it is thought that it is possible to reduce the incidence of COVID-19 in educational institutions, in terms of initial education, first grade and high school.

On the other hand, when we talk about university education, consensus was reached that only practical subjects should have face-to-face classes, and using the same modality 1 week face-to-face and the following week at a distance, and it will be applied only when a practical subject corresponds, on the other hand, those subjects that are only theoretical will continue implementing the distance education modality, so now in Venezuela we will witness a semi-presential education and of mixed character.

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It is a worldwide reality that education has undergone many modifications, this due to the pandemic that is attacking the world in general, little by little the countries have begun the return to their relative normality, since nothing is the same as before for the moment, among this new normality is education in all its stages, In the particular case of Venezuela, we have faced a series of changes in a drastic way and very complex adaptation processes, now we are going to suffer a new change in education corresponding to this new reality of blended semi-presential education, as it was called, thank you very much for reading, until next time.

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Greetings @chucho27, I certainly consider that we still do not have the required conditions to return to the classrooms, although mass vaccination is advancing rapidly, in addition to this, the institutions require great investment to recover their spaces.

Hello @chucho27!
The truth is that I still don't have very clear information about how my son's back to school will be, however, I consider that the conditions are not yet in place for an on-site return to school, it is a very delicate situation where many aspects must be taken into account. Greetings!

Greetings, there is truth in this but also now the government will decree flexible weeks for November and December, what I was told at my children's institution that it would be every week, in this school with the modality of only 2 days per week in person.
We will wait for other changes.
thank you for your contribution

Hello @chucho27
I think it will be a few years before the possibility of being 100% face-to-face again becomes a reality, for many reasons. In other cases, the pandemic opened the door even more to this type of distance education, so I see that changes and adaptations in the educational process will continue.

Greetings friend, certainly education is one of the areas that has been most impacted by the pandemic, we really have to find strategies for a progressive incorporation to evaluate the impact of the return to school in terms of cases of contagion, hopefully this mixed mode will be a good experiment.

Hello @chucho27

You are right when you express "teachers and institutions will have a full week for the disinfection of the institutions, as well as not to be compulsorily in contact with students every day", as that methodology will help to avoid further cases of contagion.

Best regards, be well.

Here we came back as normal, mostly! Students go to school physically and I believe is good for them.

In Venezuela, even though the bases of distance education are already in place, and we have put into practice these two years of pandemic, many aspects still need to be improved to make it viable, such as the conditioning of universities and schools that have not provided anything for distance education for years, the serious problem of electricity and the absurdly limited and scarce Internet, not to say that semi-presidential education cannot be carried out, but that it will present many problems for educators and students.

How do i start?

First of all, Venezuela lacks the sanitary conditions for students to start attending face to face classes. This is a risky choice for parents who doesn't trust the ability for the government to face any contingency derived from this decision. The sanitary system is collapsed, and that's not a secret.

On the other hand, distance education isn't guaranteed for everyone involved because not everyone has the according equipment (without mentioning a reliable service) to attend their classes efficiently.

So we're facing a major problem here in Venezuela, in which parents and students still has no idea how to deal with this situation in which they have a dangerous virus on one side, and postponing such needed classes in order to finish their education and professional formation.

Muy buena información de uso complejo para muchos gracias por el post aportado ☺️

Hello @chucho27!

This time of education actually makes sense more than any other with the current circumstances. If we are looking at a solution that may look after students education and health at the same time then this one is perfect. It gives a chance for students and teachers to monitor their health in their days that has distance learning while they still have a chance every week to meet each other which will ease the transfer of knowledge.

Thanks for sharing!