Incidence of investing in the Blockchain without having knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

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Greetings to all readers of this great platform and this great community, it is very common to hear people who encourage others to invest in the blockchain, but usually do not help them to obtain prior knowledge of how this world called Blockchain is handled, and if you are not familiar with the sudden changes that this generates, it will be impossible to prevent possible losses that can generate a change in the behavior of the currency.

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As many of us know it is very common today to hear people on the street talking about NFT games, the profitability that these can generate, you hear them convince other people to invest money, but you never hear them talk about the risks that this entails with your investment, it is a reality that you can make money, but it is also a reality that you can lose a lot of money.

There are many people that I am aware of who have started in the Axie Infinity game recently, they heard from some people about the game and decided to invest their money, without having a clear knowledge of the market at present, to this situation was added the recent loss of value of BTC in the market, which dragged the price of the market in general.

The image used is from Public Domain, Author: PixaBay

Starting from there, many people who just invest in this economy without knowing much about the reality of the market, panic and have begun to sell their NFT games in an area where it is producing losses to all involved, this is due to several factors starting that the price of SLP decreased quite a lot, also the prices of the Axie by the decline in the market tend to lower their prices.

If an equipment was acquired for the sum of $ 1000 to sell it at this time for only $ 600 represents a great loss to place an example, being risks acquired by users unaware of what may happen in the market, and as I always say one must invest what you are willing to lose, although it does not mean that you will lose, you should always be cautious and study before entering a market that you do not know.

I want to close the topic by giving some recommendations for those who read me, investing blindly is a big risk, what do I mean by this? Investing money in a market that we do not know can generate big problems, because we can lose the money if we do not make the right decisions in time, that is why we must be cautious and always try to be one step ahead of the adversities that the cryptocurrency market presents us, thanks for reading, until next time.

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Hello @chucho27, what you say in your post is very true, there are people who encourage others to invest in the cryptocurrency market but do not clarify the risks involved and that is why this fall in prices many people are desperate.

Some people have invested blindly in crypto without adequate knowledge and have incurred a form of losses or the other. Before people invest, it is always important to do indepth analysis and get enough knowledge of the crypto to invest in.

Excellent read buddy.

Both the people that introduced them and themselves are to blame in this lack of knowledge before investing in blockchain. If you invite me to join any platform the first thing I will ask you is the do and don't of the platform and how it works, what are the things I need to know and not really the profit but some people will not ask questions and the person that introduced them too will not teach them. This is not the best time to really sell any asset but to wait and if possible buy more because the price will surely rise.