Inner exploration to find out what motivates us // Reflection

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Our behavior and way of expressing ourselves revolves around motivation, perhaps we do not realize it but generally we do not have a very adequate behavior when we are irritated or when nothing matters to us, however when there is something that motivates us, the way we behave gradually improves according to our motivational progress.

Inactivity and nonconformity are the most suitable symptoms to detect when we are unmotivated, after we detect these symptoms the ideal would be to find in our closest environment the sufficient tools to be able to stimulate us, these stimuli allow us to act favorably before the factors that life itself demands from us.

Logically, along the way we will find factors that will knock down our motivational planning, however, within our strategies there must always be the ability to be persistent and continue moving forward, perhaps if we get the idea that a path with motivation makes sense if we are ready for occasional failure, and when something goes wrong we will face it with maturity, we will overcome failure, we will remain motivated and we will follow the path that is full of ups and downs.

In life we are always in a constant eagerness to want more things, and when we do not get them, then motivation decreases, on the contrary our attitude should be to value each achievement however small it may be, because that will keep us motivated to keep fighting no matter the failures.

Motivation is not the same in each individual, which is why I do not recommend copying the same models of stimuli from other people, if our personality varies, then what stimulates another person is not the same as what stimulates us, everything is a process of discovering ourselves internally and knowing ourselves to be able to apply the stimuli that are attached to our personality.

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Hi, Carlos. Very good article. When I read the title I remembered the ikigai. When I finished reading it, I kept on doing it. why? Because one of the things that will keep us motivated is to know our ikigai or life purpose and we know that, just by exploring within ourselves. It's a long, but wonderful process that can change our lives.

Thanks for your post. I share it.