Thanks to the Project Hope (PH) community and @crypto.piotr.

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Greetings to all members of the Steemit community especially to those of the PH community, this post will not be a post of the usual ones in the area of technology, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and even the managerial administrative area, this time I will dedicate these lines to thank the support I have received from our leader @crypto.piotr.

In February 2021 when I was at my workplace in the company Farmahorro of Santa Barbara de Zulia, I coincided with my friend Luis Paz (@lupafilotaxia) who was shopping in the store and with whom I engaged in a long conversation, within the conversation we had he mentioned to me that if I had the time to resume the publications on this platform and I indicated at that time that I would stop by his house so that we could talk much better.

Once I had the time to visit @lupafilotaxia, he mentioned to me that there was a community within Steemit that valued the writing effort of each of the users that make life within it and that if I wanted to start he would help me, he motivated me and I said yes I would resume the publications that I stopped doing in 2018. Once I was able to start writing within this valuable community I automatically began to receive the support of the same with the rewards received in these publications.

Source: Image taken with my Y6 phone

The support received by the Proyecto Esperanza community allowed my economic situation to improve and therefore that of my family, at that moment I felt a real relief because everyone knows the difficult situation that Venezuela is going through with its political, economic and social crisis. When I made my first withdrawal from the platform and went to the auto market to make the purchases I was very happy because it had been a long time since I had made a purchase of such magnitude, I was able to buy food for approximately 15 days. At that moment I thanked GOD first and then I thanked @lupafilotaxia and @crypto.piotr for allowing me to join this community.

As time went by I was consolidating myself in the platform and feeling more and more part of this great family called Project Hope. In August of last year my older brother Firroy Carli suffered a serious traffic accident where he almost lost his life, he suffered a skull fracture, fracture of the tibia and fibula, plus many bruises that caused him to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital of San Cristobal Tachira State, at that time I felt very bad because I had no financial resources to help my brother and that was when he asked for help to @crypto. piotr to see if there was a possibility to help my brother, I remember that he immediately asked me to contact my friend @josevas217, who manages the emergency fund of the community and although the emergency fund is for members of the community both @crypto.piotr and @josevas217 helped me with part of the medical expenses of my brother and that is something that I will never have how to pay them, my brother was able to get out of that situation and today is very well thanks to GOD.

The most recent help I received from @crypto.piotr was the acquisition of a mini UPS to keep the internet router operational during the power outages that we are experiencing in our country and especially in our town, where these power outages exceed 5 hours a day and sometimes they are done twice in the same day. This situation undoubtedly affects our constant participation in the activities of the platform, but now with this mini UPS I can keep my internet service operational for up to 8 continuous hours if there is no electrical service and with my laptop I can connect and perform my activities.

For all the above, today I want to publicly thank @crypto.piotr for all the unrestricted support he has given me and not only to me but to my family and that is something that has great value for me, so I tell him that he can count on this humble servant to continue to grow this community and show the world that Project Hope is more than a community is a family where brotherhood and solidarity prevails in each of its members.

Thank you very much my friend, may GOD greatly bless you and your family.

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Greetings @calir 💕❤️

Congratulations on your new phone... Project Hope is really a best community to grant you more hope and make you happy.. Much thanks to @crypto.piotr for the great support.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕❤️

He is a good man. We won't stop saying thank you to him.

Greetings @tfame3865, that's right my friend, we will never stop thanking you for all the help you have given us.

Hello @carlir, I am glad to know that little by little you have been able to resolve important issues in your home and family, the help of PH for its members has been very timely, and for me it is pleasing to know that you already have an OPS team at home that will allow you to continue active despite frequent power outages.

A big hug from the east friend.

Greetings @tocho2, indeed Project Hope has allowed us to solve some difficulties that have arisen, I will always be grateful to this team.

Greetings, @carlir. Undoubtedly the stories of each of us who are or have been part of this community are very similar. Project Hope has positively influenced the lives of each one of us. Under the leadership of @cripto.piotr and the rest of the administrators, we have been able to consolidate a very strong brotherhood.

Greetings to all and let's keep growing.

hello @carlir
This is a community where its members are highly valued and @Crypto.piotr is a wonderful person, no doubt that all its leaders are concerned and attentive to provide support to those who need it, I hope you continue for a long time in the community and help to consolidate it over time.
Thank you very much for sharing

Greetings @dgalan, asi mis es amigo @crypto.piotr is an excellent person very humanitarian who helps his members.

Hol friend @carlir, very good of you to thank the project hope community and specially the leader Piotr, it gives me great pleasure that with the mini UPS you can publish the posts while we are with the power rationing.

Hi @carlos84, yes with this UPS I will be able to be more active during power outages, it is a great help.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Hello dear friend @carlir, I am very glad that you were able to acquire the UPS that we need so much in our area due to the long power outages. Without a doubt @projecthope, part of their funds are destined for social work, which go for the betterment of its users, which speaks very well of this great community that has a generation and leader who know how to plan and direct. Thank you @piotr for the help you give us.

See you later, have a great week.

Greetings @amestyj, thanks buddy, no doubt if the help of @crypto.piotr and the community to be able to acquire this important equipment would be a little difficult.

Piort? :) that isn't my name hehehe

Yes, @amestyj, in fact, Piotr, from what I researched a while ago, is in Polish, the equivalent of Pedro in Spanish or Peter, in English.

That's right Gary :)

me llamo Pedro :)

Greetings dear friend @piotr, it was a transcription error hehehehehehe, have a great week.

Hello dear friend, I'm glad for your growth in this platform, no doubt this project has given a hand to all of us. Greetings!

Hi @franyeligonzález, thank you for your words, besides you are right Project Hope has helped many of us and therefore we must give back with hard work and dedication in what we do.

Hi @carlir I am very happy with this writing, I confess that sometimes I lose faith in the platform but never in project hope, not only because they are consistent and fair, also because the humanitarian treatment is special, I celebrate your UPS, to continue having your valuable publications, greetings and success.

Greetings @aplausos, do not lose faith in the platform or much less in the community, there are times when we feel that what we do is not worth it or we are not seeing the expected results, but certainly everything we do is important and sooner or later we will reap the fruits of it.

Hello friend @carlir.

I'm so glad you are in this wonderful @project-hope community, this community is a big family led by our friend @crypto.piotr, he has taught us the value of teamwork and many more things of great importance for all of us.

Personally I could observe the installation of internet in your house and which is of great help for those who make life in this cryptographic world, I hope you continue to enjoy this service. Greetings and many blessings to you and your family.

Hi @rbalzan79, totally agree with you my friend, @crypto.piotr has taught us to value our work and has also encouraged and strengthened the work that each of us do for the collective and the community.

Greetings @carlir, how gratifying to know that you have entered a community where our potential is considered and valued, without a doubt, the PH team has become a family and as such we are willing to help each other, hence the importance of keeping the economy balanced that Piotr himself has let us know on different occasions, since it will be this scenario that allows us to keep active the English courses, emergency support and economic aid for the different members of our community. Greetings

Greetings @madridbg, totally agree with you friend, we must continue our work so that the economy of our community continues to strengthen and that we can help those who require it.

Indeed, Project Hope is really a blessing to humankind. On this note, I say a big thanks to @crypto.piotr and the entire team and members of Project Hope for their acts of kindness. I am really blessed to be part of this community.

Greetings buddy

Hi @carlir
It is nice to read this kind of publications, because the support provided is totally disinterested, it is merely with the intention that users who participate in the community in some way feel that they are not alone in difficult times, beyond being able to have an extra profit with their writings.
May the success of the community continue, and may we continue to support all the users more and more.

Hello friend @carlir, there are many stories that we already know about how this great community has not only valued the efforts of the authors but has also supported us in times of urgency, I know that in Zulia the situation with electrical failures is the worst of the country, and for us it is vital to work, I am glad for your acquisition, I know you will get a lot of use out of it. Regards my friend.

Hello dear friend @carlir

Thanks for the mention, I'm glad you decided to resume your blog and even more that you have joined the community @Project.HOPE a space not only to upload content and get rewards for it, but a space that has become our virtual home, enjoy your UPS.

Best regards, be well.

Piotr, Lupa, Jose...and all members of PH community are nice people. Most of the time I find myself lost for words to thank them for their honesty and generosity.
PH is the greatest advantage of steem

Thank you for sharing :) @carlir

Really excellent post, you really made me like this amazing community.

I feel very happy when project.hope members give special thanks for all that has been done am always thankful and glad how love is shared in this community its one big family that care for all.

Am glad your brother is in good condition now.

Stay bless sir.

Hi @santiago02, thanks for those words my friend, really when my brother's accident happened I did not know what to do, it was a very hard news and more when we were told that the chances of living were few, but thanks to GOD first, @crypto.piotr and @josevas217, who contributed their bit we could manage the medical expenses required at that time and the result is that my brother is in very good health.

Couldn't be more happier am much delighted for all the good work going on here to God be all the glory.

Life has given you many adversities friend, but it is good to hear that you have been able to cope with them with the help of the community and the situations had positive disappointments. Let's hope that from now on you will only get more blessings like the ones you found here in the community and your family is safe and sound.

Happy day.

#affable #venezuela

Hello @Leonel, yes life has given me difficult tests, but it has also given me friends who have helped me to face those tests and I confess that it is more bearable to face them when there are people like @crypto.piotr giving you a helping hand.

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