Appropriate or Inappropriate? Selling Different Products in the Same Place.

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Hello, friends of this beautiful community, it is a great pleasure to be with you all once again and I am extremely excited to know that you are doing well. It remains a great honor to be a member of this wonderful community and I am always excited to read publications here and share mine as well.

Yesterday, I went to a provision store with my friend and while I was busy admiring the setting of that place and the different products that were available, I overheard the owner of the store speaking about how she plans to start selling shoes. I paused for a while and listened to her describe her intention to create a shoe spot close to the spot where snacks are kept.
Immediately she mentioned that she was going to add shoes to her provision business, I just lost the love I initially had for the brand, she claimed she was ready to sell anything within that space because she was a good businesswoman. I have a different opinion from this woman, but of course, I wouldn’t allow my personal opinion to overshadow the right thing, so I decided to make my own research by reading and learning from other business experts. After making the little research I could make, I came up with these conclusions.



• Multitasking in business isn’t a totally wrong idea: Selling different things and having different chains of business is not a wrong idea at all, but there are good ways to go about doing things like this. If for instance, you have the capacity to have a one-stop-shop where people can get whatsoever they want, then you can go ahead and ensure to include it in your business plan.

• However, you do not want to have a low standard and scanty one-stop shop when you can have a standard shop for one product type. I would personally prefer to walk into a business place where the product type is described and in adequate quantity than walking into a business place where almost everything is sold and arranged in a scattered way, I just believe that a defined business is always better than an undefined one.

• Work with product types that align: The story of the woman I told you above was not attractive to me because provision and footwears are two different things that are in no way connected. I just believe it would have been a better idea if she had gotten a different store to sell footwear rather than selling footwear and provisions in one enclosed space making her beautiful provision store appear disorganized.

Anyways these are the result of my findings and I know that everyone is totally entitled to their opinions, I will be glad to know what your opinion is on this topic.

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Hello @bimbo45!
The truth I also believe that they are very different products to offer in the same store, however, I think it all depends on how they organize and present them to the public, because there are stores that have several departments. Here in my country for example, due to the economic crisis I saw shoe stores that were almost empty and chose to place on the shelves foods that are the most requested products. Thanks for sharing

If a store has different departments then I think it is alright but having everything jampacked in a tight position doesn't sit well at all. Thanks for the feedback.