Efficacious Prayer

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Ali and Dawuda were inseparably linked. They were neighbors, classmates in high school, and eventually coworkers.

They planned to embark on a maritime expedition to discover new regions one day. They started their journey on a cruise ship and traveled all over the world. However, the weather became quite damaging on their journey. In the middle of the ocean, the ship sank. Although the majority of the passengers died, Ali and Dawuda were able to swim to a nearby island.


The island was completely desolate; not a single tree could be found. Without supernatural intervention, Ali and Dawuda recognized they wouldn't be able to survive on the island. They made the decision to pray to God. They were curious to see whose prayer would be the most powerful.


Ali walked to the island's easternmost point, knelt, and began to pray there. Dawuda walked to the island's westernmost point and prayed there.

Ali begged God for food to help him survive. Surprisingly, he found a large amount of food, fruits, and veggies on the beach.

After two days, he wanted a gorgeous girl as his wife because he was lonely on the island. Within a few hours, a shipwreck near the island had occurred, with a lone survivor: a gorgeous girl. Ali married the young woman.

Ali received everything he wished for.

About a month after the shipwreck, Ali chose to return to his hometown. He begged God to send him a ship that would transport him back to his home. Sure enough, a ship arrived.

As the two prepared to board the ship, Ali overheard someone chatting to him. It was just a voice, really.

Are you traveling by yourself, abandoning your life partner? "

"May I inquire as to who this is and to whom you are referring?" Ali was taken aback and enquired. "I'm bringing my wife!"

The voice replied, "I'm the one you prayed to, the one you requested to preserve your life, the one you asked for food, housing, and, of course, a wife!" The voice said

"Thank you, God!" exclaims the narrator. Ali muttered under her breath as she knelt in awe.

Then Ali remembered Dawuda, whom he had entirely forgotten about. He was wracked with regret.

God told him, "I was not answering your prayers." All I could think about was Dawuda's prayers. He just has one wish.

Ali was inconsolably upset and was rushed to the opposite side of the island. He realized he hadn't given his best friend Dawuda a second thought and was busy living his own life.

Dawuda was nowhere to be found. "Where is Dawuda?" he inquired of God.

God responded by saying, "I brought him along. I need the man with the golden heart beside me! But, as I promised him, I will answer all of your prayers! "


Ali had been absolutely shattered. He finally understood why his friend's prayers were more effective. That's why. Dawuda's prayers were completely selfless.

Moral: The highest form of prayer is selflessness.

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The word of God says that he does not despise a constricted and humbled heart, that is what happens when we are humble with others, that we renounce what we want or desire.
Excellent analysis

Thanks for your recommendation