Crying is good?

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How many times as children our parents or relatives told us: do not cry, and even performed actions to stop us from crying, possibly to avoid suffering, because the crying of a child sometimes irritates, for affection, in short, in some cultures they even say that men do not cry and so with that premise male children grow up, sometimes without any explanation simply men do not cry, that is for women. The truth is that many of us learned to repress our feelings through tears.



Crying is for human beings regardless of gender, culture, race, religion or any possible differences, expressing feelings is becoming more and more important in the mental hygiene of human beings. "Crying and honoring your own needs and sensitivities is a fundamental part of self-care and loving yourself, being aware of needs and honoring them to benefit the health of body, mind and spirit," noted Dr. Judith Orloff, author of The Empath's Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People and psychiatrist at the School of Clinical Psychiatry, University of California, Los Angeles.Link.


Crying, allows us to be vulnerable and that is good because you can not be repressed appearing strong all the time of your existence. The human being always relies on various spaces to reach a place of balance, the tears shed help to find that balance, either alone or in public, being vulnerable and reduce tensions is a way to recover, in a sense, the stress and tension suffered in the course of everyday life. There are people who comment that they never cry, because they simply do not know how to do it, generally they have a lot of contained anger.


Individuals express a significant number of times that they feel better after crying. Crying forces to pay attention to what generated that feeling, to pay special attention to it and sometimes to look for a solution, it is not healthy to just cry, it drains, it lets the feeling escape and struggles to understand the origin and work on it, that is part of the positive aspect of crying.

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Crying is definitely beneficial for Human. A newly born baby is not considered a normal baby until he/she starts crying after birth.

Certainly crying is human, it is never a sign of weakness or lack of courage, we should do it more often, we would get sick less often, thanks for your contribution.

Hello @aplausos!
I believe that crying is very therapeutic because it allows us to release many tensions, and allows us to open and express what we feel at a given time, it is not healthy to hide our emotions, repress us by fear or grief, we must find a way to drain and thus feel better. Thanks for sharing, greetings!

Hello friend
First of all thank you so much for writing this nice article about one of the topic which we all can relate to our life. I think that crying can be good sometimes but not always however again it the scenario and situation play a vital role to determine whether it's good or bad.
Nice write-up

Either of joy or sadness in both cases will be good, you will make catharsis, about your sorrow, regret or reason for happiness or simply an emotion, thank you for commenting.

Hello friend, the truth is that it is part of our life, it helps us to express certain emotions and to release others, so for me it is simply a very intimate moment to which we all have the right. Greetings.

I totally agree with you, it is a right that is never bad, it frees you from pain or emotions or it is joy, thank you for your contribution to the publication, may you be very well, greetings and success.

Yes, it is good, of course it is, especially to get out or to drain in some way feelings we may have or simply to drain in some way when we feel bad.

It is good to cry but not to be a crier.

thank you...jajaj I guess you mean crybaby to those who cry for everything, that's right cry to drain, cheers

Greetings dear @aplausos, crying allows us to unburden ourselves and sometimes leave behind many sad moments, or on the contrary we cry with happiness when remembering or living special moments. Therefore, I consider that crying is the way to convey some emotions that impact us either positively or negatively.

See you later friend, have a great start of the week.

Thanks the same to you and special thanks for reading me, best regards

Crying is important part of life and human body if you cry you are taking out your feelings and emotions from inside which help you to relax and keep you calm in the life.

We all know when we are sad we cry so that all our sorrows are gone with the cry. It helps in relaxing the mind whi h will genrate dopamine and keep you in happy position.

Thank you for such a valuable contribution to the publication dopamine generates peace and tranquility, tears contribute to it, thank you very much and greetings.

Crying is good as it helps one express feeling thereby making the individual recover from the hurt fast and people who did not cry tend to just sit down and start thinking about it and this can give them health problem like hypertension. Assuming they cry out people will have know they are going through a particular problem and console them.

I totally agree with you, thank you for your valuable contribution to the publication, greetings.

Everyone must have cried, it is a nature that cannot be lost and crying is also a power that cannot be underestimated.

Certainly it is a very valuable human power, that some understand as negative, thank you for your valuable contribution to the publication, greetings.