Adidas announced crypto partnership with Coinbase

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Crypto is getting more attention not just from the investors but also from many companies and institutions to look into. Until now we have seen many financial institutional entering cryptos but now other players are also adopting crypto. Adidas is a company that is known as a leading sportswear brand and now they have done have done their debut in crypto through coinbase. This is a new beginning where apparel companies are also looking for possibilities in the crypto space and this is surely a good move and will help to bring more value to crypto.



Although blockchain and crypto are not limited to any sector and industry increased adoption will open the doors for many companies. So far this seems to be the first name that has announced the crypto partnership and they are moving ahead with association with coinbase. We know that coinbase is world's leading exchange and has quite a big hold of the crypto reserve.

The well-known sports apparel company Adidas recently revealed a new partnership with Coinbase, calling it “probably nothing.” The German sportswear giant could be taking one step closer to accepting digital asset payments and an initial step into “metaverse apparel.”



Crypto payment acceptance by Adidas is going to help more people to buy their apparel easily and will contribute towards the increase in crypto transactions. Adidas operates globally and has a global presence so its expected that they will provide the options to pay off the line as well as online. Now exchanges are also enabling the option for payment and even developing payment services that are making crypto payments easy. Even Binance has launched finance pay which allows us to pay through crypto easily and now with Adidas partnership coinbase will also introduce something innovative.

It would be exciting to see how this partnership brings more options to pay and it will also make shopping with Adidas fun. I hope to have online payment using crypto on their platform and if I get the option to pay through hive then it would be great. There is a lot happening in the crypto space and things are going to be highly advanced in the crypto world.

Thank you so much.

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Greetings friend @alokkumar121 no doubt, it is an alliance that can generate great benefits to the crypto world, knowing that adidas is an organization as much economic capital willing to invest. Greetings

I am happy to hear about this partnership and will be more happier to see that this partnership add effect to the growth of cryptocurreny positively.

It's good indeed. Thanks

This is indeed positive news for the crypto world. The synergy between world-class companies can help drive the blockchain economy much further.

It really is very interesting all this. On the other hand, I didn't know about the payment through Binance. I will do more research about it.

Thanks for sharing with us this information.

Greetings friend, this is interesting news, we all know the Addidas brand and its reach worldwide, no doubt this will attract a lot of positive attention for cryptocurrencies and maybe other clothing brands will follow suit and include this form of payment, and maybe we are taking the first steps towards the metaverse and many companies will want to capitalize on it.

Reading this kind of news, I like it, in a way these companies are recognizing the great reach that cryptocurrencies and blockchain have, and I am also sure that this will be an example for more companies to join.

Hello @alokkumar121, I am really surprised with this news from Adidas (my favorite sports brand), this is a way to demonstrate the great confidence they have about crypto assets and these types of transactions on blockchain, so it is very likely that other brands such as Nike, Under Armor , Pumma, etc, join this initiative in a very short time.

This is my favourite brand also and I look forward to seeing it to pay through crypto