A Christmas dream moved by education to life

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Hi friends

To talk about Christmas is to talk about dreams, to remember what was planned at the beginning of the year and what can be done with the time that remains.

This year has passed stealthily fast, it began with high hopes that it would be better than the previous one in terms of health and to resume our daily routines, however it has passed disturbingly fast, so much so that we have not finished digesting the number of people who no longer They are by our side because of the coronavirus and its various mutations.


All this makes us think about how to live the new Christmas without the risk of not being there for the following year, of maintaining the Biosafety regulations and of achieving happiness with how much and how little we have.

For this reason I want to share with you two reflections prompted by the following questions:

1.- What dream or would I like to do next Christmas?

These last two years have made me see that life is simpler than we think, the most important thing is to be here, healthy and alive, for that reason I would like to stay healthy and that my family is too.

I do not mind dressing in gala clothes, or spending a good part of my time on beauty, I prefer to enjoy the beauty reflected in the smile of mine and of course mine as well.

I would like to have warm food on the table and when I mention the word "warm" I do not mean its temperature but the one that fills our soul, that reminds us of home, recipes with which we can honor our own.

I would like to toast and celebrate life, because we have remained standing despite the fact that many of us face the virus in our bodies (my family and I live it) and I thank God that no one died.


2.- Who would you like to spend it with?

With my husband, with my children, with the occasional friend who wants to share with us sincerely.

Sadly, most of my friends are no longer in the country and seeing them again would be a dream that I hope will one day come true.

For this same reason, I will focus on the people who have remained with me day and night, with my family, the one I formed, my husband and my three children who together learned to share the same space for 2 years in a row and without pauses.

I would like to be able to provide my pets with a warm roof, that my dog ​​feels calm and happy with us because he has been a great guardian.

I hope that our cat appears, because this year he has created a dynamic of spending long moments away from home, I hope to see him before the end of the year and that he is very well, without damage.

3.- How do I think this Christmas can be different from any other?

I think that could be achieved with a good attitude, with a lot of education and awareness to keep ourselves safe and healthy to avoid damage to health.

We must buy what is necessary to give others the opportunity to eat, we must donate what we no longer use, we must manage resources wisely to start a new year 2022 with supplies.

This education must be conceived convinced that it is the best for us and for others, if we all thought that our actions could affect others, the number of infections would be less.

The world economy needs commitment, optimism and awareness, so we must do our bit to build it.


And you? How would you like to spend Christmas? What measure of security and celebration have you thought about? Who would you spend it with?

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Hello @alanasteemit!
Thank you for sharing your wishes for this Christmas, certainly we have learned that the most important thing is to have life, health and family, that is priceless. I hope your wishes are fulfilled and that you spend beautiful days. Greetings

Hello! @yusvelasquez

Thank you for reading, yes, each of us have learned to value more what we have and our health. Greetings

Hi @alanasteemit.

I really agree with you and thank you for sharing your good wishes with everyone, life has taught us that the most important thing is to have life, health and above all our family to be able to share with them every moment, that is priceless, I hope your dreams come true.

hello @alanasteemit,
this christmas will be special for many people, the pandemic changed the way we look at things, on the other hand life is simple if we do the little important things, this coming year I hope to get closer to the goal of having my finances healthy, that goal is something I wish for with all my heart.

I stay with his words, he could not say it in a better way:

"life is simple if we do the little important things"

Greetings @alanasteemit, without a doubt one of the things we have learned to value most is health, and after so many months of closures and quarantines I think a common desire is to be able to gather with family and friends, although certainly the security measures will give a reduced touch to the celebrations. Thank you for sharing your wishes, I hope they all come true.

Thanks to you for taking the time to read, my celebration will be very intimate, just my husband, my children and my mother who just came to visit a few days ago.

Greetings friend @alanasteemit, I really like how you want to spend your Christmas, you really mention something very important, enjoy life and good health while sharing with your loved ones, there is nothing better than that, thanks for sharing with us your Christmas wishes, I hope each and every one of them are fulfilled, and next year you get to have another extraordinary year 2022, Merry Christmas.

Greetings @ alanasteemit
No doubt that this Christmas is going to be the beginning for many as many families have to begin to accept the sudden loss of family members that until recently they had by their side.
Being able to share as a family with loved ones is necessary to strengthen family ties that have been separated or lost due to some impasse. I really hope you can have that long awaited Christmas and fulfill all your dreams.

Thank you very much for sharing your publication.

Thank you very much, I hope that you too can achieve your end of the year goals. And may many blessings come to your life.

Friend, thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts with us in this post. It has been a very difficult two years for all the families. I think that it has been doubly difficult for us Venezuelans because we have our family and friends far away and because many of us have lost loved ones in this tough battle against the virus. I would like to spend this Christmas with my mother, unfortunately I have her in Venezuela. I think we will have an intimate meeting with my wife and children, my brothers-in-law and nephews. We know that there is a second strain of this virus and we must do a strict planning regarding food, money, medicine for the coming year so that nothing comes as a surprise.

My dear @ josstovar7

We have to take care of ourselves a lot, God allow that in a short time you can see your mother.

Thank you my friend. Amen 🙏

In this world, commitment, awareness and optimism are needed. you are right, I hope you enjoy your Christmas with your family in peace.

Thank you very much, I hope you have a merry Christmas and I am grateful for your good wishes.

Hi @alanasteemit, life is very short indeed and it should be celebrated with people who we consider family.

I will love to spend my own Christmas with people who regard me in high esteem, people who love me for who I am more than what I can give to them and people whom I will like to grow with in the coming year.

Your wishes are very beautiful, to be with people who wish to be with us and who do not estimate us for who we are and not for what we have, I like your philosophy of life, that's mine.

Hello there!

I really agree with you,. Being in a good health and having your family members and the ones close to you healthy is truly essential if we ever think about enjoying other life aspects... I always feel like such hard times are good for us to ask and spend time with our loved ones whenever possible.

Thanks for sharing with us!

Hi @alanasteemit How would you like to spend Christmas? As a family with something to eat and share, no matter the clothes or gifts, healthy and in peace. What security measure and celebration have you thought of? In a small celebration without many people because of the contagions, my small family and the neighbors with whom would you spend it? With my husband, son, brother, sister-in-law and my dear neighbors who are like part of my family, thanks for your nice post.

My dear @aplausos, we agree on how we would like to celebrate Christmas, with the difference that I have no neighbors like yours.

If I wanted a cake and cookies to see my children a smile on their faces.

Indeed. This pandemic has taught us many things. It has proven to us that health is way more important than money and that having our family and friends close to us is in itself a great blessing

Thanks for sharing your wishes with us