It's a time to take a break from social media.

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Greetings steemians!

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I am a very busy person who like to work on various platforms. Social media is one of them. I am very active on Facebook, twitter, Hive and other social media platforms. It gives me pleasure and also I earned a bit from blockchain based social media platforms. In fact, I have earned good earning from blockchain based social media platforms. Unfortunately, there reach is not as good as the reach of the traditional social media platforms like Facebook, twitter etc. This makes a difference. That's why I am also busy on them. There are lots of false news and hatred propaganda is being spread on traditional social media platforms and these platforms are even encouraging it. So, I consider it my duty to make people aware of these things. This keeps me on these platforms.

However, I have decided to take a break. I'll not be available on any of the social media platforms for a week. I'll rejoin them after a week. I would like to spend my time with me and family. I am going to a seaside where I can enjoy a lot.

Thank you and have a great time ahead.

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