In the modern world individual sovereignty is in danger.

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Greetings friends!

Seeing the present condition of the modern world, I must say that Individual Sovereignty is in danger.

According to legendary French philosopher and writer Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778 AD)

Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains.

Man was free when he was a hunter gatherer. He was free when his tribe was small. But when he united as a society and came under the authority of state, he lost his independence and become part of a mob that is meant for the top of the pyramid of human society.


Authoritarian regimes as well as democratic states have maintained his slavery till now. We thought that individual sovereignty would be maintained by the democratic states, but it was our false notion. We had an illusion for some time that we would be free and individual sovereignty would be restored once we get a chance to elect our representatives through election process, the backbone of the democratic system. Power is everything and who are powerful, never allow common folks to be free.

Our immense progress in science and technology has make us supreme in this world. This has make us able to control other animals and we are even headed towards to win over nature. However, it has also make our masters more powerful, even invincible. They have all kind of power. They have powerful armies, police, spies and even their puppets. They can even make us their puppets by simply injecting some specific ideas and thoughts in our mind. These powerful people can manipulate the thought process of ordinary people with the help of media, political, religious and economic propaganda, entertainment industry, internet, NGOs and so many other ways. They can fabricate an environment in which people won’t realize that whatever they are liking or disliking depends on what these people want them to like or dislike.

Accumulation of excessive wealth and the advancement of science and technology have helped the powerful and corrupt people to such an extent that in the near future the word ‘revolution’ will disappear from the world and can only be use to represent some technological advancement. In this era of surveillance technologies, they can watch every activity of the people and ‘digitalization of everything’ will help them to accomplish this task. Covid pandemic has given them a great chance to fully control us. Governments have become too powerful during covid pandemic. They are forcing people to remain inside, they are putting people under mass surveillance and they have even forced many to commit suicide. So, it is a very alarming situation for the people who love freedom.

What do you think?

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