The customer file: a profitable investment! [2/2]

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After having evoked the ten golden rules of an effective customer file , let's see now how to keep it alive and especially how to make profitable the time and the resources invested to constitute and maintain it.


Since this is the essence of the issue: a client record is pointless assuming it dozes in a corner.However, it is not only a first-rate commercial tool but it is above all a powerful indicator of the good (or bad) health of your business.

Do you know your customers?
If I ask you the question bluntly: how many new customers have you gained since the start of the year, for how many lost or inactive customers? If you can't get that information out right away… you've got a problem!

Another question, just as crucial: do your customers know all about your products and services? You would be surprised how often they only know a part of your offer.

These are all questions that an effective customer file will help you answer better. And you will be able to supply your sales representatives with clear and measurable objectives.

The lifecycle of your customer file
Customer relationship management is above all a matter of corporate culture . If you are convinced that it is as important as the production or distribution of your products and services, you will succeed in motivating your employees and convincing them that the sustainability of the company depends above all on an enlightened knowledge of customers and their expectations.

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Greetings @ adityajainxds
Seeing the customer as an ally of your business is determinant for the future and business development, this way you can support each other in the growth and sustainability, having the records up to date of all transactions with your customers allows you to value the loyalty and trust so important when granting any credit when required.
Thank you very much for sharing your publication.

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Customer relationship is everything in a business, if the aspect of customers can be gotten right and treated appropriately, then business operations will fall in even more smoothly.
Customers are the bedrock of a business and they have to be treated with every form of care and attnetion.

You are absolutely true @adityajainxds... customer file is of necessity..You'll be able to collect the IP addresses, email addresses, and even potentially phone numbers of the people who have interacted with your brand in some way.