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Hi friends and fans, I trust I meet you all well!

Today is the second day of the week, but at the same time I still want to say happy new week to everyone since I haven't been around for several days. My absence was catalyzed somehow my the downvotes I got on the hive blockchain. That last downvote from @azircon makes me feel hive may not be meant for people like me who wants freedom of speech. Hive claims to be fighting against censorship, but if there is anywhere where the freedom of speech of members is censored, I think it is the hive blockchain. I am sorry to make such statement. But at some point we just have to say things the way they are.

A lot of truths are hidden under the shadows of parables and whoever doesn't know how to decode a parable still lays on the bed of ignorance thereby being unable to make neccessary corrections since corrections were said in parables.

I am not going to code or speak in parables, I will speak plainly, because I already hope to get a lot of downvotes on hive, probably from those who hate the truth.

I am ready to be listed in the black book of Hive, but if perhaps I am able to speak for several others, I would want anyone who feel the same way to speak up. But if you are afraid of their downvotes, please don't make a comment as I understand that some people are like I used to be, they earn the source of their feeding from their posts.

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Steem is a more peaceful place than hive. Now it seem a lot of those guys who made steemit unbearable for members in the beginning have moved to hive and this is why they can practice their lawlessness on their on blockchain without being questioned.

But I would not be ungrateful to good and quality hivians , there are lot of whales and investors in hive that are very human. I respect them for all they do to support everyone.

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One of the greatest people I met in my life is @hiro-hive, he is obviously a very good man, I love him so much and I pray that he continues to get strength from God for the things he is doing on BIBLE READERS COMMUNITY.

Of course @theycallmedan is another good person who does good works on hive blockchain and I have never seen him trying to manipulate anyone because of his high investment.

But lot of hive whales are bunch of beast, they RESPECT no one and try to censor the members. Yet claiming freedom and fight against censorship.

I am a full blown steemian from the onset, I represent the steem blockchain and I think its important to make that clearer. Hive doesn't want people like me. Therefore I will rather invest in steem power. My plan is to make sure I power my steem with 50 to 100 steem weekly.

What is missing in the perception of the hive whales is that people are more important than a blockchain. The presence of people on a platform is more powerful than the platform itself. I wonder what Hive thinks about pushing so many people away 🤔. Any blockchain that has no one to use it will soon become desolate. That is a simple principle!

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If you give out no respect, no respect will be given to you in return. You earn what you sow, a blockchain that doesn't value people is not worth being valued. I don't mean to hurt anyone.

I shared in this post about the abuse of power on hive blockchain, but no one even cared.

Would there have ever been a Hive without steemit ? I kept wondering 🤔 ; Therefore I conclude that steem is still the parent blockchain.

The bottom line is, as a blockchain, as a platform, at least some little RESPECT for the people is important.

RESPECT IS RECIPROCAL! A son is not born better than a slave, because even a slave is a son to his own father. No one has two heads, all humans are equal and none is opposite.
QUOTE : @adesojisouljay

I care not about downvotes any longer. I have come to the conclusion that Steem is better than Hive.

Thanks for reading, I am @adesojisouljay, the unique being.

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Greetings friend @adesojisouljay, I think the best place to be is where we feel better, I think many, to varying degrees, at some point, have been victims of the "tyranny" of hive. I use that term because it is simple, anyone who does not align with the orders and premises of those with the most power risks being banned from hive, it is that simple. There is very little scope to comment or write publications that differ from the opinion of the great whales and the power groups of that platform.

The result? I believe that over time, if the course is not amended, they will end up being left in an empty shell, a community of bloggers without bloggers, a world without inhabitants and that will end up sinking the project, that same project that generates such good returns.

Have a happy day friend!

This is very true, hive is hostile, their whales are brutal.

Their pride because they forgot that there would have been no hive without steemit.

I got a fat downvote from the beast @azircon 😂 after sharing this post in hive.