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Only a wicked one calls the work of a fellow individual as unworthy to receive human support. One good thing I have learnt in my life is how to give essence to the labour of humans. Humans are not ordinary creatures, every human is loaded, therefore if a human pulls from the content of their being any resource from their inbuilt potentials, it must be valued.

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Yet I have seen a place where no respect is given to the produce of a human. The hive blockchain that claims to fight agaisnt censorship and inhumanity is the master of it. I know some real huamns on hive, but a lot of hive whales are tyrants, satanists and terrorists. Thay are jerks, so inhuman.

All thanks to God who used some of these devilish whales to open bigger opportunities to me. I have bowed my knees never to be moved by castigation by anyone or their condemnation. Yes, i have laboured into inviting so many to hive, but that was not because hive itself is friendly, I invited people not to hive but to bible readers community, where people can grow maturely as they learn God's word.

Nevertheless, i feel it is very important for the reasonable hive investors to call some tyrant whales to order. If care is not taking, these tyrants will destroy hive. They tried to destroy steem, when they left steemit, a glorious SBD emerged. Comparing SBD and HBD today is like night and day, the difference is so clear.

I want to suggest, that the leadership of any firm is its foundation, but if the leadership is wrong, what can the firm itself do. The wicked investors on hive will cause more pain for the good ones. In the world of social media, where people can share their experiences on hive, I believe no reasonable investor want to be in a place of hostility.

Hive is hostile, it is brutal, not because all their investors are, but because some of their investors are good but a lot of them are inhuman.

A dried river didn't suddenly dry up, it started gradually. Let hive learn from this. You pushed #projecthope out of hive, and so have you done to several others.


I am confident to say that steemit is home for the people, a place of refuge, a place of strength and hope. Steem is the parent of hive, without steemit there would have been nothing called hive. Yet, hive has forgotten where it came from. Being hostile toward everybody.

I have no regret choosing steem over hive!

I have added more steem power today. I purchased steem of #5,000(NGN). i got over 17 steem and i powered it all.


Screenshot_20210928-001958_Samsung Internet.jpg

Like I said in my recent posts, my power up will happen daily in the next couple of days. I strongly wish to give support to fellow project hope members and friends. But if perhaps i can support some other bloggers, i will really be glad.

I would like to advice, in all your investments, do not forget to invest in humans. Humans are assets, they are gold. A human is worth more than a multimillion dollar investment.

Thanks for reading.

I am @adesojisouljay, the unique being.

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Greetings @adesojisouljay

It's really great you to took the decision best for you by investing more in your steem power. That's really great. Can you please share me the website you used for the transaction?

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕❤️

One of the major crypto exchanges in Nigeria is https://app.roqqu.com/signup?ref=ZYorqN0dSvRGVVYGS684

Its easy and simple to use.

If you need further explanation you can drop a comment ill add you to my exchange group on WhatsApp

I share your opinion friend @adesojisouljay, right now there are many whales in hive that have a very aggressive behavior towards many users, for the simple fact that they do not think that they publish there, it is not about quality, content or any other reason valid and logical, he simply distributes donwvotes left and right, with the sole purpose of demonstrating his power, a way of telling us that either we are subjugated or we are leaving and many are leaving.

I believe that if this trend continues, unfortunately it is a platform that will lose much of its validity over time.

Absolutely yes, the hive blockchain is a place of power abuse.

These two platforms could work better together, but that's not the case. Regardless, i see both of them taking a place in the future, good luck on your investment.

Yes, but i think hive needs a good and proper management. That is a lacking factor in hive blockchain.

You are consistent in this powering up and it is good keep it up. I think the founders of hive should act fast and put those wicked whales in other that is down voting others unnecessary if not the platform will crash in a matter of time.

Exactly, they will only last for a few season. If they continue, they will loose all they call value.