The Dynamics Of Evolution - Cryptocurrencies : The New Normal

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There are laws made by men and there are superior laws legislated into being by Nature (The Order of Things). One of the greatest laws of Nature is Evolution. Evolve and change if thou art to live and thrive, stagnate and degenerate if thou art to perish into extinction. That's how the law of Evolution would read were it to be written down in legislation amongst the superior laws that is.

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Everything you see living and thriving today have walked down a long road of the evolutionary process to get here, all things I say including Money. Since the earliest days when man exploited the idea of having a medium of exchange for goods and services, money had assumed different forms coming down to the present age. Sea shells, precious metals, fancy rocks, coined metals and printed paper had all been some of the various forms money has assumed.

Towards the end of the decade of the new century, evolution was to push the dynamics of change in money to never before imagined dimensions. Money who's latest form then was in printed paper bills would take up an electronic form and become digital. The store of value would exist in the internet and become decentralized.

Bitcoin the first true cryptocurrency was created in 2010 and in it's wake a multitude of variants some more and others less sophisticated has been birthed into our ever expanding cryptoverse. Adoption of cryptocurrencies are going on at an alarming rate and with each new day people all over the world are showing preference for cryptocurrencies over traditional national Fiat. In recent times the adoption of cryptocurrencies has taken an astronomical dimension with not just individuals but cooperate institutions and even Sovereign Nations embracing it.

News of El Salvador and Paraguay adopting cryptocurrencies is all over the internet. In no distant time the arising cryptocurrencies of today will become the new norm forever putting an end to the older forms of Medium of Exchange.

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Well said. The world is heading to s direction to make cryptocurrency the norms and it's already showing and been displayed in many countries already. Cryptocurrency is the future

We all know this is a new revolution in the economic world. Crypto currency plays an important role in development of the under developed economic country.