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I shared inmmy post yesterday that I will be powering up steem daily in the next couple of days. I would have even entered the #SPUD4STEEM power up challenge but unfortunately I do not have up to 500SP.

Nevertheless, I am not upping my steem power to earn some contest prices, I am just trying to build a stronger steem account and see if perhaps I can support my fellow human. I am trusting for a consistent and stable financial income so that i will keep my power up going until further notice.

I am a true steemian from the onset, a real one! I am a legit project hope member and I am proud to be.

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Today I added 17.64 steem power. My plan is to spend at least $10 daily on steem power so that I would have spent $300 on steem power in a month. If this becomes a reality i would be so fulfiled and I'll feel privileged to be able ro give support to fellow friends on project hope.

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...I am dedicated to project hope!...

After my resignation from my day job, a lot of good things have happened and I feel it's best to invest on steem. I remember getting my first laptop in 2018 from the money I made on steem.

Steem has earned me a lot of testimonies from the very start.

Many times in life, we become bigger amd stronger when we find the best place for us. Steem is the best place to be where love is the foundation.

It is important to be more conscious of humans as capital rather than money. When money is absent, a true human remains. I have learnt that my value is not found in the things I possess but in the solution I render to mankind.

Humans are loaded, not anyone of us is empty.

If my my steem power can encourage a human who is tapping into the content of their content, i feel it is worth it.

If I am able to power up to the tune of 2000SP in the next 3 months, I would be so fulfiled.

Thanks for reading.

I am @adesojisouljay, the unique being.

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Good for you, I hope you can achieve that goal, of something if you must be sure that if you do not try you will not achieve it and you already have the path to achieve your goal.

Thanks friend. I also wosh to achieve even more.

That would be awesome @adesojisouljay if you could power up 2k SP within net 3 months (pretty much: before end of the year).

good luck with that buddy

I hope it becomes a reality, I am actually making some daily income and i feel its best to get some steem to power up daily.