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Hi friends, glad to know I always meet you well. Greetings to all our customers home and abroad, to all project hope members and the able leaders of such a great community, I send warm greetings.


Recently I began to receive some heavy downvotes on the hive blockchain, sometimes I kept wondering what the reasons for the downvotes are ? And I wouldn't be able to come up with an answer. What I can only say is what I have known, Some of Hive is hostile! When I say some of hive is hostile, ofcourse I mean some of the investors.

@theycallmedan for example will never pull anyone down. I have not seen him do that, is he not an investor as well? He even has larger investments/stake than some of the hostile investors.

Some investors on hive in the way of trying to protect their investments had become so overprotective and thereby giving hive itself a negative view and name. An average person speaks nothing good of hive.

What more do I have to say? Absolutely nothing, I have come a long way, I have been on steem for 4 years now, I was so committed to steem and pushed steem and all of its work socially. When hive came, I got into hive with the same spirit as I applied to steem. I pushed it with energy.

I have promoted hive, I have worked to publicize the hive blockchain, I have introduced a lot of people, I spend my personal fund to work the promotion of hive and even till now, I am introducing people to both steem, hive and blurt.

Once upon a time I had some financial challenges, I blogged on both steem and hive for help and I got help from a few people. @surpassinggoogle, @isaria, @drakos and so forth. Most of them have known my passion for steem and hive from the beginning. I also got help in terms of upvote on both chains from a lot of whales.

Somehow, I struggled through life and found the bible readers community on hive, because I had no other source of income at that time, I participated in the bible readers community, I contributed to questions daily and I shared my videos. Sometimes I shared 3 to 4 videos daily. Unfortunately @adamanda and @azircon showed up to downvote my posts for spamming. At first I got angry but later succumbed to posting once daily after being warned. But the downvote persisted!

I stopped blogging for some time and resumed after a little while, but I kept to one post daily. Then I stopped getting downvotes.

After some months the central bank of Nigeria put a ban on cryptocurrencies and it became a challenge for Nigerians to convert their crytpo to Naira and vice versa. So I decided to improvise, I began to publish posts about buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. I created a WhatsApp group on 24 of February 2021 and started with just 5 people.

Somehow, in a way I couldn't explain, the group began to grow as a lot of Nigerians are looking for means to exchange their crytpo for naira and vice versa. So I became a middle man between both Currencies(Naira and crypto). As the group began to grow, I became too busy to post on steem, hive and blurt. But inspite of how busy I was, I was sharing updates about my exchange and what I do. Today we have over 250 members who are legitimate customers of adesojisouljay. This is a testimony that my mind can not explain.

I handle more than 70 transactions daily and I am sometimes too tired to come online. For this reason I decided to build and automated exchange so that I don't have to process transactions manually. That's what I'm pursuing at the moment.

So up till now, I can't explain the reason for the downvotes I am getting recently from @buildwhale, except I can be told what the reason is.

Could the downvotes be the reward of the works of promotions I have done by inviting people to hive?

A true human is not moved by emotions, a true human gives an attention not just to the words or acts of people, but to their undertone.

If your reaction to people is based on how you feel about them, you are not a true human. You have power over your emotions.

Maybe I'll continue this chapter later...

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