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Hi friends and fans, I hope we have all been very good!

There is a trend presently spreading in Nigeria and I feel it is important to mention it here.


Yesterday we all started getting some strange screenshots which shows how the central bank of Nigeria has been hunting after crypto traders. I saw some screenshots which reveals that some bank Verification numbers where blacklisted and the funds in the accounts where frozen. So I wondering how it became possible for the central bank of Nigeria to identify crypto related bank accounts🤔.




We still need to be sure of the reality of these screenshots, but we have to be guided and careful.

I have few observations about how the central bank of Nigeria got to identify those bank accounts and bank verification numbers. Some people shared their opinions on that and I am not disputing those points.

Some of the reasons the central bank of Nigeria Identified those crypto traders and their respective accounts could be one of the following reasons;

  1. Use of crypto related words as narration while making crypto transactions.
  2. There is possibility that the central bank of Nigeria had sent spies to register as Marchant on binance for the purpose of hunting crypto traders.
  3. Frequent inflow in a bank account(especially a savings account).
  4. Use of your debit/credit cards to purchase crypto online.

I would like us to take note of the above mentioned points and apply some precautions while making our crypto transactions.

In my humble opinion, our government have not found anything wrong in crypto Currency even as there is no law against the use of digital Currencies and assets. What I feel the government of Nigeria is afraid of is the possibilty of financial freedom to the poor. When the poor starts earning a little, it becomes a threat to the government as it would suddenly become impossible to manipulate them with some token during elections to sell their votes(This is my view of the whole issue).

What more do I have to say? Since it is impossible to fight against an existing authority, I would love all crytpo traders to keep calm and endure this hard season. This is a wall that will definitely be surmounted, we will win at last!

CrytpoCurrency to me is not just a digital asset, it looks like the future of money to me. A time is coming in life when the whole world will adopt cryptoCurrency. So I am not moved by our present government.

I just want to encourage all our customers to keep calm and not be worried. The whole season is challenging but we will win in the end. I know that a lot of you are troubled, you don't have to be, this is only a season of trial, only the strong wins. Just ensure to apply some important precautions to avoid unnecessary attentions from your bank.

A lot of out customers are troubled and some are asking me to change the group icon and subject from our exchange name to a subject that is not exchange related. I am considering if this is necessary, if it will be necessary I will do that as soon as necessity demands. Just be calm and do not send the group's invite link to anyone for now. I will also be taking note of new people who joins the group. Anyone who doesn't state who invited them to the group will be removed after 5 minutes or at most 10 minutes. This is for the safety of you all!

Also I want us to be very certain that our website will be live in less than two months and its going to be a big one. One exchange that will assure you of the security of your assets. I am @adesojisouljay, I am always committed to humanity and solution providing.

We will create the future for digital Currency in our country. 2023 is fast approaching and another government comes in. We have nothing to worry about at all.

Thanks for your time!

I am @adesojisouljay, the unique being.

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Hello @adesojisouljay
Terrible news. I hope the day comes when central banks go into chaos and they have no choice but to take on the crypto movement in its entirety, I know it would be a disaster at first, but the changes are happening progressively. I hope they can recover their funds soon.

Thanks mate, its very obvious ttat the whole world would adopt crypto Currency in the later times. We'll keep watching until the government regret their wrong decisions.

Wow, awesome write up, it has been so serious here in nigeria, things are really getting out of hand, i was scared too but now i'm encouraged by your write up

Why are they making things difficult for everyone?

Nigeria why now

Thanks for reading