Adesojisouljay ; Thanks to everyone for birthday wishes, Birthdays are significant.

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Hello friends.
Happy weekend to you all.


I want to say a very big thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and warm greetings. I am delighted.

I also want to use this opportunity to talk a little bit about the significance of our lives. Birthdays to me are times of reflection. Asides from the celebration and joy that comes with it. It’s a reminder that one is getting older and needs to make meaning out of life.




A life well spent is a life worth celebrating. So we should evaluate ourselves occasionally and check out the directions of our lives in comparison with what we truly desire in life.

Life doesn’t just happen, we are not just meant to be counting days, weeks and months. There should be a goal. A vision that drives our everyday activities and influences the decisions we make and our definition of our existence.





As humans, we were not made to just exist. We were made to live. Living in this context entails a lot. It means you are leading an intentionally progressive life. Giving and receiving in the process.

All the rich natural resources we have been blessed with are not just meant for our consumption, they are meant to fuel us for what we have to give back.

I want to spur something in you reading this article. I want you to embrace a new paradigm and perspective to life. You are here to give and you have so much to give. Begin to see yourself that way. See yourself as a solution, a succor and an integral part of our works. A profitable entity that the world is waiting to unfold. You have all it takes.

Thanks so much and have a lovely weekend.


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It is often said that a leader is born, and it is true, but how many born leaders have taken the wrong paths, leading those who follow them into an abyss.
The strategies, tools and techniques of leadership have advanced and this is an excellent article that develops some of them.
Thanks for sharing

Hello brother i wish you a very happy birthday to you my friend. I like the way you celebrated your birthday.

There should be a goal.

Of course and that is the name of life. And you have set your goal for better future ..
Solid read

Happy belated birthday @adesojisouljay. Wish you all the best!

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Happy belated birthday and may the Lord lift you up ijn and bless you