Developing Your Self-Esteem

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What is self esteem

Self esteem is what one thinks of himself. Normally people with the normal level of esteem motivate themselves in good times and cheer themselves also in bad times by having building self confidence which not everyone has, while people with low self esteem downgrade themselves an deprive themselves of things they could actually do but think they can’t people with the low self esteem don’t really get satisfied with whatever they do because they don’t break limits.

Self esteem could be explained as portraying of oneself as another person to predict about how their audience think of them either in an high respectable manner or a downgraded way

Self esteem is said to be the result of experiences that has been passed through and what the person undergoes during childhood till current life

Ways of understanding self esteem

Self esteem might be said to be an inner voice that check mates us when trying to involve in matters of life which deals basically on self evaluation and the way we believe ourselves to be

Those cherished with the ability to conquer their fears and have good esteem tend to overcome life problems easily and move on

Those havin low self esteem are said to be always backbiting about things of the past they wish they could have done
Those with low self esteem tend to have issues solving issues cause of the major time they use in lamenting over the issues before even looking at it

Ways to improving self esteem

Building positive relationships:- keeping friends with people who motivate and create mind blowing goal to be achieved and cheer themselves on bad times should be recommended while those that weigh you down with bad comments should be avoided

Give yourself breaks :- no one is perfect on the daily basics relief breaks should be taken to see cirsumstances in another dimension. true to be told that you can’t be feeling good all the time and stop the process of criticizing urself for things already done

Standing out and saying no :- low self esteemed people are said to always do what people they feel are higher than them ask them to do even if it’s not reasonable to them . One should be able to say no and do things he fell is right because he can never satisfy everyone

Taking challenges:- it could be said like facing problem which ones low self esteem cannot allow to be achieve on a normal basics but when achieved it would help in increasing the high sensitivity of self esteem

Identifying and challenging negative
in advancing self esteem one needs to be able to find out each and every of his problem so as to know where to start from in creating solutions by telling the negative state of mind that u can do it without looking back

Identifying the positive beliefs :- it is good to sort out the mind motivating things about oneself like hobbies and talents, doing them will help to keep the mind motivated and not make the individual to feel left out and start thinking to the extent of downgrading oneself

Steps on building self esteem

Being nice to oneself :- this basically has to do with the inner voice which controls the evaluation process in building self esteem or either way round. Building it has to do with self encouragement from the inner mind by reducing depression state, escaping mind from disabilities

Being honest :- it is said no one known himself than he does, in building the self esteem the person needs to start telling himself the bare truth about his flaws so as to know things he should do and shouldn’t

Having a mentor :- it might be said to be a basic factor because it helps. By portraying oneself to be something big and working towards it while asking for advices from others or people of higher standard
Sorrounding yourself with supporting and

True friends :- they said friends will tell u who you truest are then having true friends will advance to correcting u when ur making mistakes and help u in diverting thinking that might be of low self confidence they will cheer and make ways to support

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Celebrating little achievements:- no matter how small the goal achieved may be is sends an happy hormone to the body which means if I can do this the next one shouldn’t be too hard

There are said to be some theories written by scholars on motivational factors and self esteem among them is Abraham Maslow

Abraham Maslow is said to be an industrial psychologist in the behavioral and motivational theory in the school of thought, he was popularly known for the hierarchy of needs he propounded which says that humans needs cannot be genarally satisfied because the eradication of a need would create more needs .

So he grouped the needs of man into 5

PHysiological need
Safety need
Social need
Self esteem or recognition need
Self actualisation

PHysiological need :- these are list of the basic necessities of life . They could be seen as things needed for human survival and without them no other need can arise

Safety need:- after the basic needs have been fulfilled the needs of being sure his life is. Or at risk and protection of himself which could be called security risk comes in play

Social need:- this talks about the human trying to make friends or groups in the society or location be associating self with others

Self esteem :- free socializing they would like to make themselves known by socializing to know what people say of feel about them

Self actialisation:- as the last human need he would like to create future plans on how to carter for himself when he won’t be capable of doing so by gathering resources for his old age use.

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In working to Develop oneself, ones must learn to develop his self esteem also because it will go a long way in regaining one self confidence even when hope is lost

Self esteem is a personal motive. A driving force towards life. Yeah. Which naturally suppose to help even when strength isn't capable of doing more. But if level of self esteem is low, there will be low probability of success in endeavors.