Why I'm buying more STEEM and BTC ETF tokens at this level.

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Hello guys. The past few days on the market have been terrific. We've seen massive dumps on both stock market as well as crypto. This dump is perhaps due to President Biden's wealth tax policy.

I have multiple buy orders at this level on STEEM and hope it gets filled before the bounce.



There are always two possibilities on the market. I think this might play out too and I've got more orders below to dollar cost average 😊


This might happen due to BTC, so I'm prepared by buying a good chunk of BTC4xDOWN 2days ago.


Please do your own research and trade responsibly. I'm not a financial advisor. I buy when I'm 75% of what's happening.

Have a great weekend lovelies 💋 ✌

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hello @abdex9,
personally I like coins that make useful sense and that the projects they represent are of impact for some industry, in that sense steem is an excellent option from my point of view now depending on the market you can invest in the long term and make good profits.

Steem and Hive are under valued right now. For the long term, they're good to hold

Excellent analysis thank you very much for sharing the same, I also exactly have that level marked in Steem there, waiting for the price to tell me to enter and take advantage of that momentum.

Financial Markets Analyst.

You're welcome dear 👍

Sounds like a good plan

I hope it plays out as planned 😊

Still buying more STEEM

I am still sceptical about President Biden...... Let's just say I am not really liking him but hey I am begining to because of this his current tax policy that will soon cause a boom in the crypto market.

Crypto has always been a safe haven 😂.

I take it back... Not all Crypto are safe havens 😂

Thanks for the info I hope your forecast can be fulfilled. I will also do my own research @abdex9

I hope so too dear