Introducing the official @team-uganda account and the way forward for the Uganda Steemit Community

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The account will be used in curating Ugandan content but for purposes of growing the account, it will mostly be used in curating various content all over steemit to maximize curation rewards.

The core goal for the Team Uganda community is to become a valuable and self-sustained community on the Steemit platform.

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How shall we be able to achieve this?

Through recruiting more Uganda steemians and retaining them on the steemit platform by offering them the necessary guidance, mentorship and support in their Steem journey.
I appointed 2 moderators for Team Uganda community including @moureenbronia and @vianneyspirit. Going forward, there will be more appointments of new moderators depending on the growing workload of the community.

The moderator’s responsibilities

Following up and checking all contents on the Uganda tag and dropping a thoughtful comment on them. The moderators will have to ensure that every article published on the Uganda tag is free from plagiarism. They will add a note on every comment that “this article is free from plagiarism.” For articles that contain plagiarized content, these will add a note that “this article contains plagiarized content.” The moderators are encouraged to be strict when checking for plagiarism. They will issue out only 2 warnings to the plagiarists and when someone repeats the same plagiarism habit they will drop a 3rd strong warning coupled with tagging @ endingplagiarism

The account will be used in organizing weekly contests by the moderators for the Team Uganda community. Currently all the keys to the account are with one person @yohan2on who is running the account. I will be sharing the posting key shortly with the selected 2 moderators for the Team Uganda community.

The moderators will encourage new Steemians to participate in the Newcomers achievement program and ensure that each newcomer reaches at least achievement 4.

The moderators will be rewarded with steem on a weekly basis for their work in the building of the Uganda steemit community.

How are we going to grow the account?

All Ugandan Steemians are encouraged to power up most of their steem rewards so that they can have some spare and reasonable steem power to delegate to @team-uganda account. Upvotes from the account will only go to those who manage to delegate at least 500 steem power. Therefore every Ugandan needs to grow their steem power in order to have some reasonable steem power to delegate to @team-uganda account. The delegators will not only enjoy a daily upvote on one of their best-done article of the day, but will also be entitled to the 80% delegation rewards that will be distributed to the generous delegators on a monthly basis.

The account so far has 1300 delegated SP. We need more delegations for this account.

With effect from 13th/11/2021, all Ugandan Steemians are encouraged to set a 5% beneficiary reward to @team-uganda account. The rewards will be used in facilitating the different future Uganda community programs. For example, Steemit meet-ups, Charity projects, participation in the #club5050 initiative by powering up most of the steem earned and collected from the different Ugandan Steemians.

As a community, we are looking forward to applying and be among the chosen communities for the community support program in the coming month.

Cc: Steemit team

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I look forward to working with everyone to see our community grow. I would also like to thank our professor @yohan2on for the initiative, hardworking and trust that he has put in us. I encourage everyone especially our Ugandan Steemians to join us in this amazing journey as we strive to make the Uganda tag stronger than ever.🤗🤗

Thanks for your positive response. Lets indeed work together in building the Uganda community.

Thank you professor for this but something is not clear here. Upvotes from the account will only go to those who manage to delegate at least 500 steem power. I was suggesting atleast for the start make it 100 so that you can encourage every Ugandan. Well we are struggling to grow our accounts so if we are to delegate the Steem power, 500 will take much more time than we need to make the @team-uganda account stable🥺. Otherwise I am happy we are atleast seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for your your suggestion. It's well understood and noted. At the moment, every Ugandan will delegate a minimum of 100sp if they are to receive an upvote from the @team-uganda account.

Thank you very much 🙏 for understanding please.

However, the delegate options are not anywhere on the post. Kindly avail them, thank you.

And glad to hear this.Congratulations to our new moderators

You have been curated by @yohan2on, a country representative (Uganda). We are curating using the steemcurator04 curator account to support steemians in Africa.

Keep creating good content on Steemit.

Always follow @ steemitblog for updates on steemit

This is long over due. Would be glad to delegate and set 5% beneficiary to @team-uganda. Well done @yohan2on!

We are glad to have here @team-uganda.
Lets keep on writing good content

We are so grateful for this great milestone in the team uganda community.We celebrate all those who have put in effort to hold this flag high. Thank you so much everyone especially @yohan2on

Thanks for the appreciation. Lets work together