The diary game betterlife on 15/12/2021 entry post by @shadia931 My shopping day

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Hello there? How are you and how is everyone there. Today am basically to share with you my shopping day. Early in the morning I woke up and prepared my self for the day. Then I had to pray to God for the gift of life he has provided to me and my family.
So then I had a program to go to town to do some shopping for my little sister.

As I reached home I had to go to ham shopping mall as to buy some nice clothes from there. When I reached and the taxi dropped me I had to slope down as to get what I want. She had sent me some nice trouser and a top shirt and so when I reached there I had to first look through the building as to see if I get what I want.

So I stopped at a shop where I communicated to my sister since she wanted a black pant but unfortunately I had to get another color but so I had to first call her to confirm. Then after when she decided I had to pay money to the custodian as to purchase for the pant and top. So after he packed for me and I had to go back home.



So as I was walking I remembered that she had also sent me for the artificial nails and so I had to walk up to Gaza land where that sell these things. So I bought the color she wanted and so I had to get out of town since it was late and the transport was high.

When I reached home and the taxi dropped me there I had to settle down since I was tired then later I had to put on the artificial nails on the respective fingers and so they really looked nice. Because I chose the nice color.




After that I had to set my self for another day since I had to prepare my self for campus. Thank you fo rogue time.

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They look so cute!! Only my worry about when you want to wash 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

How do you manage with such figure nails??

👌😹😹😹they are just for a mean time

OK that's good

Ok dear

😂😂😂😂I knooooow

Those nails .. ehh ehhh my Lord. I tried plastic nails, mine were not that long but they gave me headache. Will you handle? 😂😂😂

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