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Great mornings everyone, hope we had a blissful night and hoping to have an amazing day.
I happened to have attended a Traditional wedding in my Area.
On friday, i happened to have been bored at hostel, then decided to Abit go home. So i told my aunty to come and pick me up from school, so she did.
We drove as we jazzing, the next we had to go visit my young brother and take him some requirements we had missed taking then she later on asked me to escort her on a friends birthday.
The next morning we woke up so early, waited for the driver who can abit later, then drove off to anear by supermarket, bought all the requirements which were needed. Drove to school but we were nit allowed to see our boy since were so late according to the time they allow parents inside.

We afterwards proceded to the traditional wedding which is reffered to as kwanjula were Lillian was introducing Baker, these two lovers had all the fun on their day

The party started where the Bako (Bako) took a drink to the girls family as a way of welcoming them into theur new family.


They were welcomed by the beautiful ladies of the girls family as they go in away of immnunising the inlaws


I really enjoyed this special kukyala

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I can really see the love … it was really a great things. Congz to her. Thanks for sharing

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The mugole looked stunning and so did u🥰