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Hello everyone in this community, hope we are all doing fine on this lazy monday. And by the way, happy new year to all of you. Today didn't seem like my lucky day at all.
Woke up at 5am in the morning as my niece was crying, she was crying since she was so much in pain after her misterious carnulation in her arm.
We had to give her some pain killers and try massaging her arms and legs. Then i tried sleeping and woke up late, had to take my nieces to school to pick their new school uniforms since school is resuming next week. Son i had to start panicking and prepare them to schools as well as hospital since one of them was sick.
So went to Hill side school in Nalya first to get for the little one Uniforms plus our admissions. Reach the school and there was a long line of pupils so we had no option but rather making the long line.
Luckily enough, our number was called upon, asked us all the possible questions then our admission was given to us.
We then went to pick our uniforms. We therefore proceeded to the hospital since it was getting late according to the time scheduled, thank God the line wasn't that long so we finished early with the hospital.
We again proceded to another school to pick the other school requirements. Hunger later on attacked us then visited some restaurant for lunch then came back home lately. Then tomorrow will also be going back to campus so early in the morning.

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