The diary game//better life//10-02-2022 (REPOST)

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I woke up at 5am because I had a paper today. I had a paper at 11am so I had to wake up early and read. My notes were on the phone so I had to use it to read. Weird thing is...the phone is so distractive. I read for about two hours and then I started dozing off. So my brain told me to read a novel and since I had the novel on the phone, I decided to read a chapter or two and so I did.

It took my mind for about three hours🤣🤣. Lucky enough, I had read the previous day and so it didn't really matter. When the time for the paper came, I did it with my friends and good for us, the paper was friendly. We did it and handled in with fifteen minutes to spare.

When we got done, I came back and played around with the TOON ME app.


I found some pretty amazing filters and here's a sample😂👇.


After that, I felt like visiting the saloon and so I did. I wanted to do my nails. The idea of doing artificial nails but the first time I did them, they were quite uncomfortable. So I decided to just have my actual nails. Turned out grate.


By the time I was done, I felt so tired and so I decided to cozy up and watch my serie SCORPION. It's a very fun one. So far so good.
My day hasn't been bad at all.

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Nice nails dear… hopefully you passed because friendly exams are at times hard when results are back😂😂 thanks for sharing