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Hey everyone,

Glad to be here again. I am smitten by the fact that social media is driving the world crazy. Everything is about views, followers and likes. This is why some people will go lengths to prove their way of life, their success and happiness. But is it all bliss as they would have you believe? I know we all are on social media but, i wanna share with you how we can better make the platforms more meaningful. This is what i will call SOCIAL MEDIA MATURITY.

What is Social Media Maturity?

No Show Off

Let me put it this way, mature people don’t go to fly restaurants and upload the picture of the food that they ordered onto social media, just to impress because they know it's not worth it. When people do this their main aim is to impress their followers and create an illusion of well being. If you do this, it's no bad. However it makes you look childish and unexposed.


Take for instance, who would you be interested to follow, the one who posts thier fancy food or the one who posts thier fashion? Maturity is when you keep your food your business.


People who think deeply before taking action are mature in mind. They don't get easily pissed and aren't provoked easy. They take action after much thought, thereby not regretting the aftermath.


Mature people are independent, rarely do they need alot of back up from others. They either have it or they dont. If they don't have it, they will improvise or fake it till they make it. They do not beg, they do not make others uncomfortable asking for too much.


People who are mature avoid unnecessary conflict and wrangles. Even if it means losing an argument in order to have peace, they will easily give up. Such people also easily forgive. In a marriage, a mature partner will become the fool. They will allow their partners to lie to them or do things, but they will let it go.



I realize that a mature person will genuinely fall in love. They will take thier time to find that particular person that they connect with. They fall for wit and intellect, or character rather than just physical attraction and definitely not because of sex. they will love with one heart and hold dear whatever they have for they know it's enough!



Mature people definitely keep secrets. They may be in position to give away another person but they do not betray other people's trust, even when the other party demands and deserves to know. Keeping secrets makes people trustworthy and full of integrity. A gossip only comes of as a fool who nobody trusts.


Mature people do not live to oppress others. I have come to realize that people think being kind is old fashioned, while being rude and oppressive, makes them powerful. This is actually immature behaviour that shows that a person is insecure and has low self esteem. They respect others and offer kindness ,do not bully, belittle or devalue their friends.


Have you ever wondered why successful people rarely like being in the lime light? In other words, they hate attention. This is because they like thier privacy and treasure their freedom. Meanwhile, the ones that are out there throwing drama and want everybody to know thier business is the one that actually isn't doing as well as they would want us to believe.


Mature people are honest people. They will be honest even if it means the truth will hurt the ones they love. It is true what they say that the truth sets us free because mature people use this to make certain that they do not bring doom by procrastinating or telling lies.


Mature people are mostly calm, having very little time to complain. They will go with anything, and won't make a mountain out of an antthill. That is why when marriages have mature spouses, there is mutual agreement and resolution of conflict. There is a saying by a famous monk that says, "When there is no remedy when trouble strikes, what use is there in being glum?"

Speak When Necessary

Mature people know when to speak and they also know when to keep their mouth shut. Having a running mouth makes you lose the respect of your peers. Notice that the person who talks the least in a group wil always be taken more seriously and often comes off as the most intelligent and most respected.



Mature people will always stay away from negative people because they know it is a waste of time staying such people, and they don't improve themselves with such company. As they say, sow me who you move with, and i will tell you who you are.

In conclusion, in most cases, we think that as we grow older, we get more mature. This is very true and is a fact, that older people have better life experiences and therefore have better understanding of the world. The opposite however is also true that a younger person may be more mature in some cases. Age does not really mean maturity, as some older people may turn out to do things that defy their respect in society. MATURITY IS A STATE OF MIND WHERE SOMEONE HAS REACHED A CERTAIN LEVEL , ACTS AND THINKS BETTER THAN HIS PEERS.

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I couldn't agree more. Most people are blinded by the notion that maturity is defined by age when in actual sense, it isn't. This is very good. Thanks for sharing 🤗🤗


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I have loved that part of speak when necessary 👍👍👍
Thank you for posting good content in @teamuganda


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