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Hello Family,

We started exams this week on Monday,

it is clear we are racing towards our last moments in school. This is the time where one has to run like an athlete competing for a prize.

Stern instructions where issued about examination malpractice, to know that the administration followed their words to the dot, students were thoroughly checked and we had to sit alphabetically because our names were labelled on the different chairs.

Immediately students reached the exam hall, they removed their names from the different chairs so that they can sit with their colleagues with whom they can consult🤣🤣.

Many did it but only one was caught in the act, she was sent out of the exam room instantly. We were going to write two papers in four hours, being professional conduct and legal writing.

The paper was a good one, to those that had read. Now, I was very scared to even remove my name from the chair from which it was labelled. One of them even asked me ,'' think your such a born again Christian that you can’t even switch seats''? I told her some things are really hard for me to do.


Wow, we wrote the paper and how tile flies! we were done in the shortest time possible. At the nick of time, we were told, ** time up, stop writing** , we shall come to where you are seated to pick your scripts.
A pregnant lady seated near me continued writing, the head bar course came and threw her papers outside and told her to go and pick them.
Now this may sound really mean to some ears but it was better than deducting five marks off her hard earned essays.

We handed in and went out, as soon as we did, some students remained discussing further how they can find ways of sitting with their colleagues who can help them throughout the remaining exams.

This season is really busy for us until the 22/12/2021.

I shall surely steem more when i am done.

Thank you for reading this post.

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All the best in your papers🤗

I wish you the best dear counsel.

We have missed you so very much here on steemit

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