April Updates to SteemPeak

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There have been some changes to the SteemPeak.com website many are updates that should have been done for a while.


1. Update Removed 3rd party services

For example many 3rd party services are no longer available on SteemPeak so we've updated the services page. Specifically steem.ninja, esteem search, blacklist api, iLove steempeak (though still technically available from chrome) steem.ninja and probably should remove steemconnect.

2. Re-Direct to PeakD setting

We run a website called https://peakd.com/ so for those who have switched to that site as their main interface (most of our users) we have a profile setting allowing those users to re-direct traffic to their profile on PeakD.com.



This is the message we have on the profiles that enable the message.


3. We have also added a link to our other site PeakD.com in the user menu and home page.


4. Move Proposals and Witness page links

Seeing that the proposals system and witness system haven't worked in a decentralized way for a long time and we don't see them as being functional for normal users any time soon we have relegated them to the TOOLS menu. Meaning removed from explore page and user top-right menu.


5. Curators feature removed (Also news and badges)

Most all the curator services have all left steempeak so we're removing this section. Also related note most of those who had the news writer badge are gone as well.

6. Downsize Explore grid menu

The graphical explore interface visible on /explore and the home page has been update. We've removed witness and proposal links for aforementioned reasons. But also services link since many have gone. As well as the curators are gone and most of the news writers that we had for steem news. All ofThe FAQ is likely out of date. And most badge creators have moved to PeakD and most of the badges are likely out of date. So that left us with less than 2 rows. So we are going with 1 row.


7. We have removed our Support us page

Seeing that we no longer run a steem witness and proposal system hasn't been functional for a long time etc.

8. More to come...

We may still add a few other small and similar changes to the site in the next few days... so this is a placeholder for those changes.
For example adding the note to your posts that is added to your profile if you select the "suggest peakd" option


  • We are sad that your steempeak experience has been censored by the API that we use. Sadly there apparently is only one functional API that also has Hivemind capabilities.
    ...So censored AND centralized.
  • We also are sad that the trending algorithm was also manipulated to promote certain posts for a period of time however it does seem somewhat back to normal but we have no idea if it is actually fully normal still or will remain somewhat normal. However chronological sorting maybe the best sorting mechanism for many and there aren't any other sorting algorithms with functional APIs.
  • If there are any other pages or services that no longer work let us know so we can remove them or at least not link them.


Many people have asked us this so we'll give our tentative answer...

  • With many 3rd party services gone to PeakD
  • With the underlying blockchain relatively unstable because of microforks caused by steem witness issues. (This is significantly harmful to our other project @peakmonsters)
  • With proposals and witnesses not working and or being centralized
  • With a lack of API decentralization and only having a censored API
  • With the main developer of SteemConnect moving to a project called HiveSigner.
  • With the main developer of Steem Keychain now spending most of their time on a project called Hive Keychain

With all those things you may ask how long will SteemPeak be around? Well we are shooting for at least 13 weeks from march 20th 2020. However if more unfavorable changes to Steem keep happening we reserve the right to re-evaluate at any time.

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I've updated my profile with the new send to PeakD option! Thank you.

Thank you for continuing with SteemPeak and giving it your best shot, fully understand with everything that's going on, will enjoy using steempeak for the next 8 weeks then :)

Thank you for the update @steempeak team. I hope you will still be operating the steempeak as usual even without the cool update like you have for peakd. I love using steempeak, but if your team decided to fully stop the steempeak operation, I understand too. Thank you for all the hard work and great user experience I had with steempeak.

Good news. Upvoted and Resteemed.

Thanks for providing a usable interface to Steem and now to Hive. See you over there.

...So censored AND centralized.

Approximately 2 months ago (around the end of February of 2020) I have said that the Steemit communities (primarily @dcooperation) are censored. They ignored/muted (blocked) me just/only because I said/mentioned negative truths and facts about the Steem blockchain multiple times under various posts and comments. After that I complained in multiple posts about the censorship. Some people did not even believed that there is censorship anywhere on the Steem blockchain. Now they probably believe.

The very essence of a community is they have the ability to moderate comments and posts. There is nothing broken about that... a community is an owned place with their own set of rules.

A direct and brutal communication.
I feel your pain.

How is it possible that one person can not log in "TypeError: Network request failed", while at the same time another one is logged in?
This is about peakd.com, while at the same time, the blocked person can not even log in to his hive wallet, not on hivewallet and not on peakd either.

Do you block certain accounts on hive?
there was not even an option to switch nodes.

Also, your delegation tool works fine at peakd, but not on steempeak.

I probably don’t read PeakD for a week already, because the page translation stopped working

Nicely done! Good to see progress on removing Steem features ;)

Smdh, looks like I will get those drafts saved in the browser, just with out all the good things you guys brought.
It was a good run.

Good work guys!

I see you have removed likwid as well from the drop down list below posts. Is the service still operational?

I see you have removed likwid as well from the drop down list below posts. Is the service still operational?

Well they updated to 5% from 1.5% fee on steem so we are still thinking about how we want to handle it. Not opposed but not sure right now.

Thank you for the update. I imagine adding them as 100% beneficiary will still work even though they are not in the drop down?

Thanks for this post.