Low Poly Character in Blender 数字艺术

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Being new to Blender, taking on a Character, simple and low poly was still a massive challenge for my second 3D Blender object. This was my 4th attempt, and I regret not taking screenshots of the previous attempts so you can see my progress. My first attempt turned out like a robot. On a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of human-looking, I think I would give it a 7. What would you give it?

Between all attempts, this 3D model took me about 7 hours. Although the video tutorial was only 35 minutes. Not being an arty person, getting dimensions and sizes right is still way above me. Let along being new to Blender at the same time. You will find a link at the bottom of this post to the tutorial I watched.

Starting with a cube, using the mirror modifier, and with a series of extrudes, loop cuts, scales, and rotates, the base character was created. I then added a subdivision modifier and use this to fine-tune the shape of everything by selecting different faces, vertices, and edges. Finally, shade smooth.

We can see from this side image the hands are very long, and the feet, well they are too short. What other improvements would you make to this?

The tutorial was a great tutorial. The course I am taking is good too, but it is basically essential training. Teaching me where things are and what they do. Personally, I feel I need a little more to practice the essentials than what is offered in the course. So, as I cover the content, I will be searching for more examples I can try out. I also think I need to learn some more basics of art and 3D, but that might come as I just practice more.

There are other methods of creating characters, which I will try next. But this was great to get the hang of basic modeling and I will for sure revisit this character when I learn about rigging.

If you would like to try this model, you can follow the YouTube tutorial here.

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This is absolutely lovely!
It's should definitely find a good ground in the nft market.

It's been a while Ma'am @paulag