Blender Digital Art Meets Music

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In my previous post I mentioned a musician friend was going to use one of my digital images on his latest release on Spotify.

It's been released and it sounds awesome and looks amazing

Listen to Human now on Spotify

Anyway, I didn't want to share the image prior to the release of the tune. But now I can. The image is animated, so to see its full effect you will need to check out the tune on Spotify.


The final render was done using the Cycles engine and for lighting, I used a HDRI image. HDRI images are pretty cool. When you import them to Blender, they use the natural lighting captured by the image to light the scene in Blender.

You can see in this tilted image the HDRI background.


Personally, I am impressed with my creation. If you have been following my blender journey then you can see I have just upped my game. I still have not found my 'style' and rather enjoy doing the low poly art. But I also enjoyed creating this. And even more so because it's been added to a music track.

And talking about the track. Human was released by Submelody, a musical duo of two amazing Irish artists, David Cahill and Michael Whelan. If you are looking for some new music, then do check them out. I would love them to mint their music as NFT's. What are the best Music NFT platforms out there? Do drop a comment and encourage the lads!!!!!

as for the Image, what do you think? I can't wait to hear your feedback

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