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For all of you who are AFK or living under a rock, many of the best parts of the Steem community and witnesses are hanging out on Discord and talking about a new way forward. For the past two weeks, we have been discussing how to work with Justin Sun's acquisition of Steemit Inc. I have been eagerly listening and engaging in some of the chats to stay ahead and give my input, tonight I took my first opportunity to speak in front of a Discord Audience in the new Hive Discord.


At first, I was optimistic about Justin Sun coming into Steem, you can read about my initial excitement here. When judging a new leader I like to formulate my own opinion, Justin has no shortage of lovers and haters but it's best to judge a man from your own eyes and not through others but I quickly learned the rumours were true. When Justin made that infamous post one North American morning calling all witnesses hackers and criminals with the foul language I lost most of my respect, an opinion was formed.

End result, what many of us feared, a hard fork and a new way forward. There will be two chains as outlined in a post here by hiveio going forward. This Friday everyone who has Steem, Steem Power and delegated Steem will see their stakes mirrored in Hive, except for the ninja-mined Justin Sun owned Steemit Inc. stake and those who have explicitly stated their support for centralization and authoritarian control over the blockchain.

Just want to say I love the democracy here and what we have been seeing, I'd tag everyone in this but hope you all recognize this post and my efforts by now.

Thanks for reading and see you all at the hive.

PS You don't have to do anything this Friday will be an automatic airdrop 1 for 1 Steem for HIVE

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I love ♡♡♡ Steem Hive! ♡♡♡