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Talking about helping our brains to help us seems to be an illusion to many, after all, they reason, the brain is designed to help us. Well that is correct because God designed it to assist us succeed in achieving two major things which are

  • to help us survive and
  • to reprocreate

To achieve the first phase - survive - our brains sends us danger alerts against taking risks either to try new things or to set new goals. It mandate us to be satisfied with the elementary things of daily routine - eat, drink, cloth and similar things.

To reprocreate, it patterns us only to bring new lives to the world just the way our forefathers did. So men seek out women to join and reproduce and women look out for men that'll sustain them.

But shouldn't there be more to living? Shouldn't there be another level, one much higher than satisfying the basics?

Well the generality of humans settle for those two, so they chase higher education, grab paper certificates, become employed, and then survive and reproduce. No risk taking but taking life easy.

Some few among humans go beyond surviving and reprocreating. They said NO! We must thrive we must prosper.

To achieve the later means opposing the brain's natural inclination, it means taking the difficult path. The brain cry out at this point, it's risky!

What must we do to our brains to help us thrive and prosper?


Yeah mandate the brain, tune it to the direction of thriving and prospering, soon it becomes used to that path. If your brain tells you to squander time watching movies, liking social media posts, playing games, say No, I want to read a self development book.


Search out for courses online to develop yourself and subscribe or purchase them. Let the brain cry, soon it'll become used to studying. You know what? Our brains intend helping us but on itself, it can't because it requires assistance to work to our benefits.

Yes friends it does needs us to help it to help us. So let's push our brains to work more. Let's not settle for the basics.

Go for more!
Go for thriving!
Go for prospering!
Remain mentally fit!


We as a team of Steem Fitness Hub are open to suggestions and constructive criticism. We will appreciate your loving input which will forthwith be given needful consideration.

Thank you all for your support.

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Thanks for the timely reminder

You're welcome

This excerpt is nicely and educative. Thanks @ steemfitness for sharing