Sitting Dip- Intermediate Level. By @okoriepresh27.

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Good day everyone, I'm glad we all are back from our holiday, and I believe we enjoyed it to the full.
I'm saying Welcome back!

As we all know, it's a new season and a new training season and strategy.

Last year, we focused on Beginners level in all our programs. This year, we'd be going over to the Intermediate level

Also, most information about our programs would be covered in the video, so I'd advice we make good use of it.

Let's get to our training program for today- Sitting Dip (Intermediate)



Like I said earlier, most information about the Program is covered in the video.

There you find the following.

  • What Sitting Dip is.
  • Mucsle groups it works on.
  • Mistakes to avoid.
  • Proper way to do the intermediate level
  • Its important

Here too is a link to the previous post that explains it in a write up - Sitting Dip for Beginners.

So go through it and practice it.
Don't forget to show us your practice section.

Stay Fit while steeming!



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We appreciate your instructive video training @okoriepresh27. You know how to impart knowledge. Thank you so much.

Thanks a lot, @Steemfitnesshub.
We'd do more.


Thank you @okoriepresh27 for introducing us to this exercise and also making further clarification on how to do the work out.