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I am by this post, encouraging all of us in steemfitnesshub to join club5050



Every community wishes to grow and so is our community. If you notice, there are some kind of revolution going on with the initiative of #club5050. The goal is to encourage people to power up more than just cashing out.

Please go through the steemitblog post on #club5050 here

How club5050 will benefit all.

The fact remains that the more people retain their fund in the platform, the more the steemit ecosystem grows which will work for the utmost good of everyone. When steem price soars higher, everyone stands to benefit.

However, the #Steemit team has further made it more attractive, so that all can see compelling reasons to participate in the ongoing program.
By supporting the initiative, you stand a chance for additional bonuses on your good post. Therefore, you are immensely benefited. Take for instance, those on #cryptoacademy who are powering up according to the requirements of #club5050 will get more votes than the counterparts who are not supporting the initiative.

Qualification for the program are outlined on the post refered above. In simplification, a user with full engagement in the community stands a chance. For example:

  • Your not powering down
  • You are voting others
  • You are powering up.
Further reason to consider the initiative.

Please see @sapwood detailed explanation on week 7 of season 4 of cryptoacademy.

Here below are some excerpts:

(3) If the SBD breaks the peg of 1SBD=1 USD and trades higher than 1 USD, the Author with a setting of "50%SBD/50%SP" generates more. If the SBD breaks the peg of 1SBD= 1USD and trades less than 1 USD, the Author with a "100% Power up" setting generates more.
(4) With the current price of SBD trading more than 7 USD per SBD, the Author is generating a much better Reward than a curator in terms of USD equivalent. The tangible share is no more 50:50, rather more than 80:20 between Author and Curator(s).
(5) As per the Blockchain protocol, PoB constitutes 65% of the Reward pool, of which 50% goes to the Author(s) and the remaining 50% goes to the Curator(s). If all the Authors chose "50%SBD/50%SP" reward setting, only 25% of the PoB reward pool would be generated as liquid rewards, and the rest will be distributed as staked Rewards.
But if we consider the given Example (the real one) in which the post payout is $99.2 and with SBD price as 7.77 USD per SBD, the liquid Reward (SBD) that has been generated is 24.845 SBD or 198.015 USD, the USD equivalent of the total post payout is 272.368.
The percentage of liquid reward= 1(198.015/272.368) * 100= 72.70%
That's huge; the Blockchain defines that 25% of the PoB reward pool should be distributed as liquid rewards. But, due to SBD breaking out of the pegged value and staying higher at 7.77 USD per SBD, the dynamics have completely changed, and now more than 70% of each post payout is being generated as liquid Reward.
Therefore, it's indirectly contributing to an unprecedented supply. An initiative like #club5050(by Steemit) in which the authors are encouraged to power up 50% of the liquid Reward could help check this trend, and if more users power up their liquid Reward, it will start correcting from 70% towards 25% again. That will ultimately adjust the demand/supply dynamic in favor of STEEM.

read the full post here


In summary, steemit is like a house with many members, and all of us as members of this house will work to make it both clean - by avoiding plagiarism and constantly maintain it- by supporting #club5050 initiative.

Let everyone join hand in making #steemit a better place for us all.

Although I have not made withdrawal for some time now, I intend to be powering up steem weekly, beginning from last week.

Last week earnings


This week's power up


Please, let's support the initiative!!!

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Thank you @mobibliss for joining and encouraging all to join #club5050, it's the best thing to do. We must save our dear Steem.


Here, I have made additional power up to support #club5050 this week.


Please, let us support #club5050 to build up our community