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It is indeed a great way to start the day with some mild exercises. Today's challenge and our kick off exercise is doing the knee pushup exercise. Thank you @jespy for the lessons, we have come to know what the knee pushup is all about, the muscles it works and the benefit.


Doing the challenge with a towel on the floor to protect my knee.


I believe that the concentration on beginners exercise is get the right postures first. While many beginners are eager to do as many repetitions as their zeal can carry, the foremost thing remains getting the right position and always taking it slowly and gradually adding up.

There are reasons why it should be so.
1• As a beginner, our body is usually stiff, it will take some time to be flexible. Flexibility is not automatic, therefore focusing on the proper way to position ourselves become sacrosanct. Failure to apply this rule may lead to injury and this may take some time to heal.
2• The second reason supports the first. Focusing on the right way to do the exercise helps us gain and attain flexibility.

Now let's talk about the reps. My suggestion is always starting with shorter reps and gradually progress. The reasons are simple.

  • If you have not done exercise for a long time, this is mostly advisable. Most people may suffer from issues like high cholesterol even when they may look slim. Cholesterol in the blood stream can block the veins and arteries and as the heart pump more blood as we exercise, those blockade may impede blood from flowing and returning to the heart which can cause a heart attack. Therefore start small and watch your heart as you exercise.

For example, do you feel so tired jogging just a small distance. It can point to such issues as discussed above. Contact your doctor for cases such as higher cholesterol. He can advice you on steps to take. Meanwhile starting on a smaller pace is ideal in such case, as the cholesterol burn, the more energetic you will feel.

Weaknesses can equally be a symptom of other underling issues. Please remember, what I am talking about is extreme weakness when you exercise just a small time. In most cases, laziness can be mistaken for weaknesses. In cases of extreme exhaustion after a short exercise time should not be ignored. Always check with your doctor to confirm your heath status and to give you a medical advice. Extreme exhaustion just right after a brief time on the hit should not be ignored.



Aside from the situations mentioned above, most times our fat tissues may tell us that we are exhausted. Let's just be frank, do you notice that as more lazier a person becomes, the more weaker. And as more active a person becomes the more zestful. One of the reasons why most people push exercise aside is because of laziness. By mentioning laziness, I mean all the feelings including - "I am not sure I can do this feeling". "I use to trek sometimes" , " I am always busy, that too is exercise".

As long as we continue giving lazy excuses, we may not really exercise at the end of the day. I call all these the fat tissue deception. I will discuss more on that at another time .
#steemfitnesshub is offering us an opportunity to do something worthwhile before we set for the days activities.

Let me come back to the knee push up. Going through the instruction of our instructor02 I am able to perform my task.

The program such as the knee pushup is a simple exercise that can be done at the comfort of one's home. You do not need much, just your body and a mat. If you do not have a mat u may use the floor or simple towel. This is just to protect the knee. Then follow the instructions as he outlined. Remember what I mentioned earlier, Our focus is to get it right.

Hand Positioning.

Allow your hands to be fully erect.


Back and leg position

The back should be straight, the leg should not be on the floor. You can cross it to make it easier.


Engage You Arms.


Ensure That Your back is straight.


You can attempt 5 to 10 press and you to three reps.


Thank you for reading through.


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This is great, we appreciate your taking the lead in participating the first #steemfitnesshub Workout. Thank you immensely.

We are all happy to be part of this great team, #steemfitnesshub

@mobibliss It's nice seeing you participating in the exercise!
Big kudos to you!!

@steemfitnesshub is a key!!

Nice one@mobiblisss

I can say you got the positions of knee pushup as taught by @jespy the Instructor02. I also commend you for sharing more explanations. Thanks a bunch