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Hello guys ! I am very glad over the kickoff of the long awaited #steemfitnesshub programs this week. We have been able to enjoy two beginners exercises - the KNEE PUSHUP by instructor01 and the DEEP SIT by instructor02. How we enjoyed these lovely starts! We are anticipating much more activities as the days progress.

As we mentioned in the introductory post of this community, our goal is to serve as a personnel department of the steemit community. Our attention is constantly drawn to the health and wellbeing of everyone in this wonderful platform.

On Wednesdays are our resting days, we take a break from active exercises, relax and heal, so as to continue the following days. However, we equally use Wednesdays to discuss health matters affecting #steemfitnesshub and the #steemit community at large.

This week's focus is on what is called DIGITAL EYE STRAIN (DES) or COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME



We can sum this up as all the eye related problems that results due to long usage of digital devices or computers. Some of the issues includes dry eye, redness of the eye, tears and itches of the, focusing error etc.


Many of us here might be victims of possible digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. The reasons are simple. All of us here make use of digital devices for longer hours. To write articles on platform like steemit will require constant gaze at either our mobile phones, tablets or computers.

Some other steemit users may even be more busier than others. For example community heads, #cryptoacademy professors, steemfitnesshub instructors and others working in similar capacity use devices for longer. To state it in simple terms , everyone on steemit community can be victim of these issues due to the frequency of use and lengthier hours on our devices.

On the other hand, we need our eyes to be able to perform our usual task on this community. Therefore, we shall take steps to care for it. In this article, I will just give us a hint and by so doing bringing our attention to the problem. There is need for us to do further research to know what to do in other to avoid this case and if we are already facing the challenge, to know what to do to solve this problem.

I sincerely recommend consulting your ophthalmologist to check your eye for any issue affecting your sight.



Look out for some symptoms mentioned below.

  • symptoms can include blurry vision.
  • Another symptoms is double vision
  • Redness, itching eye or tears flowing our of eyes can be another symptom.
  • Another symptoms could be headaches.

Are you currently experiencing these symptoms? Well , the possibilities are there. At this juncture, I do not want us to be on a cross road. For example, we all need to work and make some money, that is why we are here on steemit platform. At the same time, we need our eye to achieve the enormous task therein. So which one should be priority?- In my opinion, both . We cannot ignore the fact that our eyes may be harmed every day we work. Moreover, We can not simply drop our computers or stop work entirely. What we are here to bring to our attention is things we can do to curb damages to our eyes and manage existing issues resulting from longer usage of devices while enabling us do our usual task.

Let's look at the possible causes of this problem, it will give us insight to a possible solution. The tips I am about to share are recommendations from expects.



1• Using digital devices for longer hours. The likely causes include some issues mentioned above. For example, experts observe that reading text on digital devices like phones and computers causes strains to the eye than just reading a text on books. Therefore using digital devices for longer hours can cause DES.

2: Poor lightning. Reading or writing in the dark without proper lightning can create a problem. Experts suggest that dim lights may force the retina of our eyes to widen in other to see properly and therefore cause strains.

3• Screen glares
While dim light is not appropriate, dazzling light from our devices can be a problem too. It worsens when such brightness emanates from our device amidst dark background.

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4• Poor posture. Experts suggest that devices should be kept a little below the eyes view, when it is otherwise may cause a strain.

5• Poor device positioning. When our device is very close to the eyes allows too much light from our screen to enter the eyes. Proper positioning like some inches far from the eyes is ideal.

6• Another factor could comprise two or more of the issues identified here.

What therefore can be done to curb the digital eye strain? Here are suggested tips.



As workers on steemit platform, we may begin by creating a good environment for work taking into consideration the tips above. Aside from that, other suggestions includes the following:

1• Resting the eye. Just as we rest after exercise, we want to rest our eyes after some time use on our digital devices. Experts suggest resting the eye for 15 mins after each 2 hours use of devices.

2• Gazing off the screen from time to time
According to expects, it is suggested that we look off the screen and try fixing our gaze at an object 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

3• Keeping our device an arms length away from the eyes. The suggestion is 20 to 28 inches away.

4• Good device positioning. It is suggested that the center of our phone be below eye level, some kind of
5 - 6 inches below.

5• Blink your eye often. Is a kind of exercise to retain moisture and avoid a dry eye.
6• You may consider anti glare glasses. Turning the option on in your device will equally help.
7• Another good idea of is maintaining a proper sitting posture when ever we want to work.

Despite all these suggestions above, we recommend checking with your health care provider to help you diagnose symptoms and provide possible care suggestions.


Dear steemains, our health is important, we want to stay healthy in other to perform our usual task in steemit.

Digital eye strain results due to our excessive use of digital devices. The tips mentioned above when applied can help us maintain good eye health as we work on steemit


Thank you everyone for going through this health tips for this week.

Cedar sinia

We want everyone to contribute to our health and fitness tips for the week.





  • 1• Discuss "Digital Eye Strain or Computer Eye Syndrome"

  • 2• What steps can steamians take to protect themselves?

  • 3• What are the best healthier suggestions that should be applied by steamians while writing?


  • The article should not be less than 300 words
  • The article must be written in your own words. plagiarism will not be allowed.
  • Those participating in #club5050 are eligible
    Other requirements, will be provided in the community page.


Thank you all


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We can't thank you enough for this timely response to our eye health. Of course, our health is our top priority because no one can write better with blurred vision. We must care for our eyes. The tips given in this article are well thought out points deserving urgent attention. We @steemfitnesshub are grateful to have you here @mobibliss.

Thank you so much great community

Thank you MOD @mobibliss for the fitness/health orientation and tips.

Thanks @mobibliss for your tips. True, health is wealth and taking good care of ourselves is one of our utmost priority.

So thankful for such a timely and informative blog.

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