Participating In The Bench Or Sitting Dip For Beginners

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Today's workout challenge is bench dip. Thank you instructor 01 @okoriepresh27 for the workout session. The explanations and demonstrations was precise and clear.

How i did it

Method 1: I made sure to use a bench wider than my shoulders, because that's a good way to start.

Method 2: I gripped the edge of the bench with my hands, one hand on each side of my hips, and my fingers pointing downwards to the floor.

Method 3: I lifted my butt off the bench with my arms. Firmly gripping the edge of the bench i extended my feet forward with my knees bent. This forms the starting position.


Method 4: I slowly lowered my body by bending my elbows and stopped once my upper arms were parallel to the floor with my butt about few inches to the ground.


Method 5: I pushed myself back up to the starting position. I did that 20 repetitions of 5 sets.


This particular exercise has proven to be highly effective in building the strength of the triceps, the arms and the shoulders.


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Good one @jespy

Thank you head coach @mobibliss

This is awesome @jespy, I surely benefited from this program. Thanks for being our Instructor02. We keep on the move.

We are appreciate your guide dear @jespy. The sitting Dip workout challenge is good for the body especially when done right. Thanks again.